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Dogging Handlers?


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Happens all the time, police, dogs, foursomes, woof woof, ayeee knot there!

The next one is due at Nobles, 23.30 Saturday if anyone is interested!

You have to wonder if this sort of accusation is beneficial, he's a loony, standard fine or he;s crazy,don't draw attention to what he is saying, standard fine???

You can't blame the guy for having a go at what he 'thinks' is right!!!

PS. You'll notice 'Flinty' is very quiet on this one!!!!

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5 hours ago, the stinking enigma said:

This geezer probably earns more for what he doesn't report than what he does

Well done - I think that counts as actionable defamation. I hope Jason reports back on his civil legal claim against you.

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