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Car crash in Onchan earlier this week

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22 minutes ago, De nada said:

Death tends to happen just the once...

.........per person. And there are a lot of people.

Despite great strides in medical science over the years, the mortality rate among humanity remains stubbornly at 100%.

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Posted (edited)

There do seem to be a lot of wankers on the roads very lately. I noticed clear evidence of a motorbike having crashed and burst into flames across the road from Onchan Shoprite yesterday; must have hit the dry stone walling before going up in flames. The pavement was all charred and bubbly-looking underfoot AND...... exactly the same thing almost directly opposite on t'other side of the road, too! Must have been two separate bikes involved, possibly at the same time and part of the same incident. We're living in dangerous times, it seems. :wacko:

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I drive quite a few miles every day and have to say that the standard of riding has been fantastic,.

I stick to speed limits ( usually) and have very often had a gaggle of bikers behind me who did the same and never bothered overtaking me.

That never happens in TT week where every second biker just HAS to pass you, just because they can.

 I think the MGP should be given better status and not just merged with different classes purely to get the so called stars to appear.

That takes away from the aspiring young riders who deserve to be in the limelight, not the old TT brigade looking to top up their bank balance.

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