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Home Brewed Beer And Ciders

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Awens to All:

For the first time in several years, I got fed up with paying Off Sales Prices for Beer and Ciders and got out my Home Brewing Equipment and have started up my Home Brewing again.

All the Equipment you need is a Food Grade Bucket, Two 20L Water Jugs, a Syphon Hose and a Hydrometer.

The Canadian Superstore sells Home Brew Kits and I picked up one of their Australian Style Pilsener Home Brew Kits.  I also picked up a 4L Bag of Sugar.\

First, you put the Beer Kit Can in Hot Water in order to loosen up its contents




Then you Boil the contents of the Beer Kit in a Big Pot:



You set the Timer for 20 Minutes and let the Beer Batch Boil.  While the Beer Batch is Boiling, you clean out the Primary Fermenter Bucket and have it standing by with some Cold Water in it:



After the Beer has Boiled for 20 Minutes, you pour the Beer Batch into the Primary Fermenter and put it in the Closet:



You sprinkle in the Yeast and let stand for about 6 to 7 Days.

After about 6 Hours, I checked the Batch:



Looks like the Yeast is Active and I will be enjoying a Nice Batch of Home Made Beer shortly.




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7 hours ago, BallaDoc said:

What does Mrs Druid think about the state of the kitchen?  Mrs BallaDoc would go mental.

I think we know from the state of his hob there isn't a Mrs Druid.

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16 hours ago, ecobob said:

I wouldn’t be so sure. I’ve known some dirty hob women who’ve been married. 

That'll just be your inner circle then...:whistling:

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Come On!

Isn't there any Home Brew Supply Stores thereabouts?

Isn't there any Manx Beer Home Brew Kits available?

I believe there are some Manx Beer Breweries on the IoM.  Doesn't any of them make Home Brew Kits like Coopers of Australia does?



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