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Local events for a single person to get involved in ?

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On 9/16/2019 at 8:42 PM, the stinking enigma said:

the living hope church are a fantastic lot. and they'll take anybody

Can you just define your comment  anybody" ?

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4 hours ago, LightBulb said:

Went to "Beach Buddies" found everyone ignorant, treated me like i had the plague, wont be going back there again, it was very embarrasing ( maybe if you are not in the financail sector ) you should avoid it.

Bill Dale is one of the nicest guys you could meet. Maybe take a long hard look at yourself.

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Don't you have any hobbies? Buy yourself a decent rod and reel. Go fishing. Meet other (usually single) anglers. Join the local angling club. I know a bloke, Douglas Angling Club member, met his future wife whilst fishing one rainy winter's night on the Victoria Pier. She showed him a plaice and asked could he fillet and that was it! They ended up falling for each other hook, line and sinker ('scuse the pun, lol!) and she was soon in the club too. I still see them, under the war memorial at low tide, matching Parka's, she, garden fork at hand, digging away. He, crouched like mantis over the ever-widening hole, his hands deftly tugging the fat, black lugworm out of the spoil between stabs and tossing them in a sawdust-filled tomato box so old it had 'Conibears' on the side in bright red letters. He had it the night they met, in fact. At many a club social event he would regale everyone with a story about the day she put the fork right through his arm and both of them fainted through shock. Folk thought they were sunbathing. Luckily, the incoming tide brought them to their senses and it was off to old Nobles in Billy Quirk's taxi, fork and all. They'll be married 45 years next Boxing Day. Had a son, 'Mackie' I think they called him, sported a mullet haircut done by his mother. Left home at an early age.

So yeah, try that maybe? 

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