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Road tax or whatever it is called nowadays.

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Why no move to getting the insurers to collect car tax?

Insurers know the vehicle and engine size, can find out its emissions easily enough and the IOM Govt can provide the emission banding charges. With this information insurers just put the road tax cost onto the vehicle's insurance. Many people pay their insurance monthly anyway, so depending on the vehicle it could be just a few pounds more per month. For the gas guzzlers, their insurance will not be cheap anyway so it is a direct consequence of having a large vehicle ie more expensive insurance and road tax.

Insurers then issue IOM residents with a disc that verifies holder has insurance and paid their road tax, and if someone drives without disc then they can be done on 2 counts and thus face bigger fines. This might encourage those who currently feel they are exempt from paying to start complying.

At year end, insurers pay IOM Govt the road tax they have collected less say 10% for admin, issuing disc etc, but can offer other services eg. discounted house insurance  to reduce overall insurance costs to IOM residents to help keep costs down. This could make it worth insurance companies participating in such an approach as they may attract additional business. Those companies not interested lose business to those that are willing. IOM Govt is relieved of all the transactional costs, can make saving in manpower and admin, and still get more or less the same income less the 10% (or whatever) they have paid the insurers to provide the service.

Not having a car tax disc on display has cost the UK Govt £m and caused all sorts of confusion to car owners. So why not keep it on show to immediately identify vehicles are paying their road tax and are insured? I accept it would take a bit of initial organising but is not beyond the wit of 'Mann' surely?

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As older, more lucrative (for the Govt) vehicles are disposed of, the currently lower rates for the (allegedly) less polluting ones will rise to maintain revenue. Including electrics. Sure as eggs are

The Isle of Man road tax is a rip-off. It was always significantly lower than UK, now it is significantly higher. It's just another way to extract money to pay the high salaries, pensions and pension

On 9/11/2019 at 10:24 AM, WTF said:

where the fuck are you getting a couple of pence per litre from??    every 50 litres you only pay a quid ??   for government to get back my road tax  on my primary vehicle id have to use around  17500  litres of fuel in a year, and at 10 miles per litre thats 175000 miles a year???   it would take me over ten years to do that,  so   for me  they would need to add 20p per litre to maintain the status quo.  another vehicle i have has done less than 600 miles in 8 years,  they would never recoup the first years road tax on it, never mind the other 7.  you must be eddie teare and i claim my £5

Alright, keep your hair on ffs....10p a litre or whatever the fuck is appropriate, you know the point I was trying to make, the maths can be made to fit by some bright spark in Government.

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12 minutes ago, Galen said:

No matter which option is gone for we the motorists will pick up the tab, but for all we know the insurance industry might offer to do it for considerably less than 10% at no cost at all :-)


It won’t happen. Jersey abolished car tax and replaced it with fuel duty (which we can’t do), and instead motorists have to display an insurance disc. Sounds good right? It would be except only a tiny number of insurance companies were interested into having to print and despatch a disc, and guess what?  Yep, premiums went skywards rapido! So all Jersey motorists are getting hammered.

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3 hours ago, Manx Bean said:

And the idiot behind the campaign, Mr Martin Moore is back in court again - guess what for? Oh dearie me. What a wanker.


Regardless of what you think of him I think he is right that you should be able to pay tax in installments. I've had to pay just short of 200 quid this month for my tax hard enough anytime of the year but especially close to christmas. 

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 there is a land rover in lower foxdale with no rear diff and atleast one  flat tyre parked on the public highway that is in no way in a road worthy condition and has been there for months if not years,  the owner must be in the right lodge and know people,  if it was mine i'd have had my pockets emptied ages ago

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3 hours ago, The Orgozoid said:

I’d hazard a guess that in typical DOI style this is just a vendetta to try to undermine a campaign they don’t want to succeed as they don’t want their cash flow cut short by installments as it might curtail their ability to burn money on rubbish. 

Love your username


Fan of peep show by any chance?

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