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TV Licensing

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On 9/12/2019 at 12:15 PM, mollag said:

While the transmission of  "Waves" through the ether can be detected, I'm still dubious how they detect the reception of "waves"  ;)

Inevitably the Russians will have tech that can trace the movement of US troops through their masssive use of electric communications equipment as they move about

Dunno if they've shared it yet with tv licensing but the Brits may have something modern along those lines

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3 hours ago, shasto100 said:

On Alexa via BBC news this AM too

So worth the cost of a couple of full-time 'reporters' or whatever. And stops the Manx public from moaning about paying the licence fee.

And think of all the publicity. In the Cabinet Office they will be creaming it.

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17 minutes ago, Donald Trumps said:

Were their cameras at Ronaldsway to film the CM dash back early to save the day?

It would have to be on time lapse mode at the speed he moves...

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1 hour ago, woolley said:

The report of him rushing back from the Conservative conference was a bit lax though. Made it sound like he's a Tory MP. 

Well he is really, just in #ClubTynwald rather than Westminister - and he's not alone either

Don't know if he's a financial supporter but that visiting #Brexit Minister outed him as an enthusiast for the Leave campaign

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