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There should be some humour in this !

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Middle - “Where that Twat Quayle lives”

Ballaugh - “What the Fuck”

Foxdale  - “Keep It In the Family”

Bride - “The Shallow End of the Gene Pool”

Onchan - “No, Really”

Santon - “Keep on Driving”

Jurby - “Help us...please!”

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2 hours ago, Chutney said:

Castletown - home of the Spaniards. 


You need to qualify that statement. The Spaniards thing originated in Ramsey but was referring to further south



2 hours ago, Chutney said:

Peel - where the girls are the boys

Too late mate -

  © Stuart Slack  


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There's something almost touching about the continuing determination of the DfE to start promoting commercial concepts, like branding this time, just as everyone else in the world is realising what nonsense they are.   In so far as brands have any meaning in the context of places, you have to develop what is there not invent something new.

But of course that's not going to keep the bullshit merchants in business is it?  Instead they must decide what places are and impose their own 'vision', just as identikit Chinese granite must be used to make everywhere look the same.

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