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Laxey flooding

the stinking enigma

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1 hour ago, GD4ELI said:

That's not even the full story either ..walked down past a couple of weeks ago ..yes weir blocked but also maybe 8/10 tonne bags full in the river just below the Digger which was up close to the road on the river bank..there was also other flood defence bags in the river too . All likely to had helped make this flooding likely if we had big rain...and we did . You think they would have learnt a lesson about not keeping river in Lacey clear wouldn't you .

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5 minutes ago, Numbnuts said:

So again reading that report trees blocking the river again played a part ?!! Couldn't make it up....how much did the last negligence cost the Manx tax payer when the bridge below went again due to not looking after river beds 


I bet they had a great glossy “River bed management strategy document” though just sadly more managers were available to write it than there were workers employed to implement it. 

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Carey's were also contracting for the MUA on this project.

In 2015 when the floods trashed the NSC part of the blame lay in the build up of debris lying in the channel between the NSC and McD's. DOI have only just had contractors in doing some clearing work in the past few weeks. So 4 years to get to a problem. Although the clearing was going to be sympathetic to the ducks....

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29 minutes ago, Rob Taylor said:

Contractors are doing a weir in the river !


Confirming what I wrote above ...this was 6th September . This was the same scene I witnessed walking past around then . See the tote bags also below the digger !! A dam in the making if it rains ! Oh and all that gear stayed  on the river  bed ..apart from level 



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