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New Street Lights

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2 hours ago, english zloty said:

The taller ones are stacks (well some of them) and it is causing issues. I stand by my comment. 

The taller ones are not above the tanks. The short double light ones are. I was involved in this project in a very small way, but was there most of the time the system was built

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They aren't putting the festoons of decorative lighting back after the refurbishment, so that in itself will be a change from the past. It will look less like a seaside promenade and more like a road

Jeez. Is this really a problem? I like the new street lights in Port Erin, and LED in the pavement. We got it all down south. 

You've obviously never seen a dump. Yes, there are a few wastelands due to poor planning and avarice over the years and some bits such as Bucks Rd that could do with regeneration, but Douglas is a ver

Worked on the IRIS for two years (got my money out of that waste of tax payer money). Also have worked on the prom lighting, non of the tall lighting poles are stench pipes. They are the short double headers on the promenade side of the gardens, as the big black box's in the sunken gardens are the supposed scrubber units. Not touched in a long while as witnessed by the DfE trying to get into them with all the locks being seized. There is tanks at both ends of the prom so stench pipes down that end at Queens as well

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