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List of parishes with villages


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Hi, I'm trying to put together a list of parishes with villages to populate a website select box, I think I've got most but not sure what the following come under:

  • Barregarrow
  • Niarbyl

Here is what I have so far:


  • Andreas 
    • - Andreas (village)
  • Arbory
    • - Ballabeg
    • - Colby
    • - Ronague
  • Ballaugh
    •  - Ballaugh (village)
  • Braddan
    • - Port Soderick
    • - Strang
    • - Tromode
    • - Union Mills
  • Bride
  • Douglas (Town)
  • Garff 
    • - Laxey
  • German
    • - St John's
    • - Peel (Town)
  • Jurby
  • Lezayre
    •  - Sulby
  • Lonan
  • Malew
    •  - Ballasalla
    •  - Castletown (Town)
  • Marown
    • - Braaid
    • - Crosby
    • - Glen Vine
  • Maughold
    •  - Ballure
  • Michael
  • Onchan
    • - Onchan (village)
  • Patrick
  • - Dalby
  • - Foxdale
    • - Glen Maye
  • Ramsey (Town)
  • Rushen
    • - Cregneash
    • - Derbyhaven
    • - Port St Mary
    • - Port Erin
  • Santon

- Newtown

Can you think of any more?

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Where do you draw the line, Earystane, Agneash, The Cooil, Pooilvaish, The Lhen, Ballakilpheric, Little London, etc?

its an interesting question.

Near my holiday home there’s a road sign, marking the start of a village, 50kph speed limit. Then, bus stop, notice board, small cemetery ( with 50 ossuary niches ) church ( one service a month ) and rectory ( empty since it was burned out during the civil war )  and a barbecue area, with seven tables and benches. Then there’s a sign with the name lined through, end of village. Not a living soul.

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5 minutes ago, wrighty said:

What defines a village? Thinking back to my school geography it’s a village hall, and a population of a few hundred or so. Less than that and it’s a hamlet, population in the thousands and it’s a town. 

Or maybe the presence of a current, or past, church or chapel or school room. It’s a community, surely. 

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8 minutes ago, shasto100 said:

Just after a suitable dropdown for Manxies to populate if they 'lived in/worked in/competed in' for an upcoming project really.

Suggest you list Castletown and Peel Separately from their parishes and then do an “other“ category under each parish where you have a village listed.

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