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1 hour ago, Frances said:

It might well be a huge attraction - as a preteen kid I remember the first port of call for many, including me, in the local museum were the mummies esp the one where some of the bandages were missing and thus showing a bit of (ancient) flesh - we were innocent in those days without tv etc.

See all that in Ramsey these days....

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22 minutes ago, Augustus said:

Love how that sycophantic Manx Radio report doesn't even trouble to mention that quite a few people are not on board with their new TT emotional experience room.

It's not just that - it's completely inaccurate.  It's headed: New TT Gallery set to open in 2020, but anyone who has been following the story will know that isn't true.  They direct you to the MNH website for further information, but not to the specific press release that MNH put out (nearly  four weeks ago), which you'd need to know your way around the site to find. 

And if you read that press release it concludes: The plan is for the new gallery to be open in time for the summer of 2022.  Not in 2020.  There's clearly a lot of remedial building work required, so a definite date is unlikely at this stage.

Presumably the soundclip from Edmund Southworth is part of a longer interview for MR, but there's no link to it.  Manx Radio can be very amateurish at weekends.

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