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Paul Bell settles with HMRC for £67m

Grounds Keeper Willy

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These aren’t HMRC tax claims.

These are claims by liquidators of companies owned by Bell, companies pushed into liquidation by HMRC, for return of monies allegedly paid from the companies without benefit.

Liquidators claimed £67 million. So far they’ve received just over £400,000. That won’t cover their fees.

If they’re settling at that level it looks as if both sides have walked on the basis of a token settlement to stop wasting time and legal and accountancy fees. 

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3 hours ago, MrPB said:

It makes me laugh that you even try to troll a poster who has said for weeks that have you on ignore. Are you really that desperate to get a childish rise out of people? What a sad man. You don’t seem to contribute anything to these boards at all other than an extreme form of aggressive dickhead behaviour :lol:

Ha well thanks but yes I blocked the angry mong weeks ago. No point in wasting time reading the inflammatory drivel they post just to wind people up and cause arguments. 

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1 hour ago, 2bees said:

He was fined. Paid it. Case closed I presume.

I'm pretty certain hes currently on bail and there's a charging decision against him on IOM soon and there's an expectation he will be charged with something.

Thats according to a lippy copper from Financial crime at the boozer.

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