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UK General Election Dec 2019

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i always do.....

This election can be reduced to "Get Brexit Done" on the one side to "They'll sell the NHS" on the other.  I'm glad I'm not voting - I'd prefer them both to lose.

Compared to the considerable unknowns and risks in a post brexit Britain, I'd say the status quo is a known.   Are you expecting us to accept that remainers have no knowledge of the status quo? 

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1 minute ago, b4mbi said:

Of the 650 seats available I predict

600 seats for labour
-35 seats for Conservatives
53 seats for the SNP
35 seats for Others

I am Diane Abbott and I claim my £6 pounds


I wouldn’t be surprised at 200-250 each labour and conservative. 75-100 Lib Dem. 10-25 Brexit. 53 SNP 8 DUP 8 SF 4PC 1 Green. 

Labour SNP LD coalition on basis of limited period, renegotiate Norway style deal, followed by referendum on stay or out on deal, followed by IndyRef2. PR for U.K. elections and voting age of 16 as price of deal.

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@ JW: Another hung Parliament then? Let us hope it isn't quite so spectacularly well hung as the dying one. I very much doubt that any national party would sup with the SNP considering their anti-UK agenda. They'd be signing their own death warrant. PR referendum was done as recently as 2011. Nobody will vote for it. 

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Labour, maybe in coalition, but I hope I'm wrong more than I've ever hoped for anything before. Momentum have done a magnificent job by targeting the young (and so gullible) and by targeting the islamic vote with their promotion of antisemitism, and support for open borders Britain.

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