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UK General Election Dec 2019


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56 minutes ago, Uhtred said:

You clearly do not read the Guardian. Whilst it is generally sympathetic to the Labour cause, it has no time whatsoever for Corbyn.

then you best tell the guardian's corbyn loving propagandists on bbc news programme "the papers".......they clearly haven't got you memo........

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Never mind some third-rate royal waster.

Hell hath no fury....

Jennifer Arcuri: ‘I’ve kept Johnson’s secrets – now he’s cast me aside like a one-night stand’

The businesswoman tells ITV show that she is heartbroken, humiliated – and that the PM hangs up the phone on her


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3 hours ago, P.K. said:

Excuse me but as I have found over the years a voice of sensible moderation and balance is simply not welcome on MF.

I go to the newsagents and watch them unload piles and piles of The Telegraph, The Express, The Sun and particularly The Daily Wail and it's easy to understand why.

Back in the UK atm having attended the Lumiere Festival in Durham and very good it was as well. Anyway our polling cards have arrived and to my surprise so did a tory canvasser. According to Mrs PK they got "an appalling hollow laugh" and I closed the door. I am just so pissed off at the state of UK politics I want nothing to do with any of them but I didn't realise it until I got doorstepped.

I'm sure a great many other folks feel exactly the same way.

And in the Mail, Phones 4U boss slates labour and Corbyn...


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9 minutes ago, Max Power said:

Nearly four weeks to go of seeing this kind of rubbish screeching out at you with faux moral outrage from every news-stand in the country is going to turn this sham election into a trial of strength.

Just the thought of it and I can feel my will to live just ebbing away....

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I see Gove has been blatantly lying and playing the xenophobia card, inevitably in the appalling Wail.

I guess he figures it worked in the referendum so it should work in the election.

Gove 'lying' about EU citizens' rights to use NHS to gain votes

Opponents say remarks are ploy based on xenophobia to win Labour leave marginals


Gove writing total bollox in the Wail:

Making our NHS stronger and fairer also means ensuring equal treatment for all new arrivals to this country. Under EU rules, European nationals arriving here have preferential access to free NHS care whereas other migrants have to wait until they’ve paid into the system and secured settled status, a process which typically takes five years. It’s unfair that people coming from European countries can access free NHS care without paying in while others make significant contributions.

Making access to the NHS fairer is part of making migration fairer overall. Our country is made stronger by welcoming people with talent from across the globe. But it’s not right that people from Bulgaria and Slovenia can come here without any controls and have automatic rights that people from Bangladesh and Singapore do not.

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