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Hi there, looking for recommendation / advice. My Seagate hard drive, which I store all my photos on has stopped playing ball and I can't seem to access it. It stopped a few weeks back now (no light wasn't connecting) but after I wiggled the connecting wire all seemed OK. However today the light is on, the drive is recognised on my PC but I cant access anything. Can anyboday recommend somewhere on the island that I can get it fixed please?

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I don't have a specific recommendation for someone to fix it, but at the risk of attracting comments about stable doors, horses etc, always make sure you have more than one copy of your precious data...Much easier to buy a new HDD and copy your data over to it, than to try to get someone to fix a possibly un-fixable one.

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As Balla suggests. Get another drive, and another and another then a google drive account.  It'll break you heart when you loose it all to one drive. Been there mate. Seagate offer a recovery service if you send the disc to them. They quoted me over £400 with no guarantee when my drive just stopped. 

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