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Amazon Echo / Alexa for the Isle of Man. Help!?!

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Hi All,

My apologies for joining MF and then immediately posting a question - I've looked at various earlier threads and haven't found an answer, though, so I'm hoping that someone can help!  

I recently bought a 2nd Generation Amazon Echo for my parents, confidently assuming it would be a doddle for them to set up, even though they're not particualrly tech-savvy. They tried and failed so I had a go and ... also tried and failed! When trying to set up the Alexa app it simply said "The app is not available in this country". It turns out I bought a UK version of the Echo. 

Upon contacting Amazon about it they said that because the IOM is not part of the UK it won't work and I'd therefore need to buy the International version instead. Based on some of the threads on MF there are clearly people using Alexa on the island, but how have you got it to work?? Have you bought an international version of the Echo, or have you found a work-around for the UK versions...? Also, if it is the international version you are using, how is the functionality - a couple of things I've read suggested some Alexa skills don't work, like location-specific weather?  

Many thanks for any pointers you can provide!

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Easy less tech way, take the android phone your trying to set it up with to McDonald’s, connect to their WiFi and download the app from there.

or, install a VPN on the phone, set it to the UK and download the app

or use an iPhone/laptop to set up the device. 

The app is available on the IOM but there is a weird tax thing so unless you have bought something from the play store on your android account, you can’t download uk or paid apps.

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Got access to a pc?  Go to alexa.amazon.co.uk and sign in with your/their amazon account and set up a new device from there.  There is also a windows 10 alexa app from the microsoft store.

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Sorry about the two year delay ......

I recently bought the latest 'Orb' shaped Alexa Echo Dot, and if you ask it "Is the Isle of Man part of the United Kingdom" it/she replies "Yes, the Isle of Man is part of the United Kingdom".

I have been in touch with Amazon, but after several emails and a phone call I've given up on trying to convey the fact that it's not part of the UK.

I think they want €5 or something to send an email stating my query, but I refuse to spend money trying to correct an error (by them) :-)

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