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More Freebies for Lycra Louts


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On 11/22/2019 at 9:16 PM, Kopek said:

On the other hand, Govts and health gurus everywhere are encouraging everyone to get more exercise, mild or gentle.

On the other other hand, did it need 'Storage Pods ', would 50 quid posts to chain your bike to have sufficed?

On the other other other hand, if you've spent 3000 quid on your beloved bike would you want it to be on display in a line of chain ups for a bike thief with a bolt cutter to choose the model on his list?

On the other xxxx hand, if you've spent 3000 quid on a effin bike, should your wife and kids lock you in a cycle pod and not let you out till you've come to your senses????

As the Good Lord said to the man on the donkey, Get off thine ass, and walk.

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