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Bags for life...


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Can those alleged greens get anything right.By introducing a charge and "bags for life" those half-wits thought that that they could change the World.Anyone with a brain could see that by selling thicker bags that allegedly last four times longer there would be trouble And yes indeedee that is now the case.The number of plastic bags sold has increased from last year.Such a surprise.And any discarded ones will still be here at the end of time..Or 2050 if you pay any attention ...

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2 hours ago, The Orgozoid said:

My bag for life is made out of bio degradable fabric material as are most bags for life. Are you getting confused with rubble sacks? 

I presume SJR means the 10p supermarket Bags for Life, which it has been reported have been sold in much higher number since the free plastic carrier bags have been phased out.  Some people can't be bothered to reuse ones they have bought and just buy fresh ones each time they do their shopping.

I suspect there has still been a decrease in the amount of plastic issued.  Even though the 10p ones weigh more, a lot of people do reuse them, but not decreased as much as was hoped.

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11 hours ago, bankerboy said:
14 hours ago, SJR said:

My bag for life is made out of bio degradable fabric material

Something of a contradiction here, surely?

Well it doesn't say whose life.  In some case it's clearly a mayfly's.  But in the case of the 10p ones, it also refers to the fact that usually the shop says they  will replace it for free if it splits or breaks or wears out.  I've certainly done that with Shoprite and the Coop.  Usually when it's disintegrated at the counter, rather than when I remembered to bring a broken one in, admittedly.

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Interesting discussion?

When I was very young my Nan used shopping bags made from fabric.

When I was pre teenage we had the miraculous paper carrier bags.

When I was a young man plastic carriers came in.

When I was an older man, plastic carriers were on their way out and bags for life were coming in.

Now I'm the same age as my Nan was when I was very young, shopping bags made from fabric are the rage.

Long time passin', it all goes round and starts again.

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Keep up people.Take your head out of those hemp bags and read the news.Plastic bag sales in supermarkets have increased to an all time high and the newer thicker ones will last for four lifetimes before they decompose and not just the alleged one..

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