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Liverpool FC..Has any team been so lucky ever.

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So you'd deport all the plumbers, brickies, egamers, doctors, nurses and carers here and bring in 1000 random Liverpool supporters to replace them

This is not a crisis. Hillsborough was a crisis. Relegation is crisis. Your team going bankrupt is a crisis. We've not finished lower than 8th since we were promoted in 1962. Relax. We're 4th in the l

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3 hours ago, TheTeapot said:

Everyone should be fawning over them, they're awesome, but I'd quite like it if the disgusting shit that has gone on at Wigan got some more press.

I was told lots of the women in Liverpool love the BBC. So little wonder the BBC gives them “ coverage”

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21 hours ago, Shake me up Judy said:

Notice how the BBC continue to fawn over Liverpool too. Another big feature on the Radio 4 Today programme the other morning, while other clubs get little mention. 

Did the other clubs win the league this year? I think that might explain the disparity.

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Klopp named manager of the season...


And just in case  Liverpool fans didn’t love him enough already ...


“In announcing Klopp as the winner on Sky Sports, former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson said: 

"I'll forgive you for ringing me at half past three in the morning to tell me you had won the league - thank you!"


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You've got to admire how he's turned the story of the game from being "Liverpool win to go top" to "Mourinho Tactical Masterclass".

To be fair, his tactics were more complex than Klopp - defend solidly and break with speed and deadly skill vs keep trying to score goals more goals than the opposition.

And the masterclass was brilliantly executed apart from the defence not being solid and the attack not being deadly.

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