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Any recommendations for a decent curry on the island? I must admit I've not been impressed with most of the curry houses in the past but having not been out or a curry for years we're deciding to venture out again.

Anyone any decent experiences recently?

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Vellika in Ramsey. Best by a long way.

Ghandi is a dismal, cheerless, barn, cold in winter. No soul.

Food in Taj Mahal is OK. Old style curry house.

Kurries & Steak can be hit and miss. Expensive.

Tandoor, interesting South Indian specialities.

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My specialist subject :P

Give some thought to the Royal India in Athol St, Peel.  Fell in love with this place at the TT after far too many years of dismal curries on the Island.  They do the usual favourites but there are also a broad selection of South Indian dishes.  I've developed a craving for Lamb Kaduku Khoottaan, Chicket Theeyal and Lamb Cafrial.  These tend to have very subtle flavours but I'm sure they have some that will whack you round the chops if you want.

It's a small 'mom & pop' place so probably worth booking rather than turn up on spec.  The only thing wrong as far as I'm concerned is I have to wait until the end of May before I can go there again.  Round where I live we have a number of very good Indian restaurants and this stands up against any of them.

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6 minutes ago, war baby said:

Try the new Indian Restaurant called Flavours at the bottom of Broadway approximately opposite the Villa Marina gates.  The best in town, I think.

Is it new, or just a reincarnation and renaming? That’s been an Indian restaurant for 25+ years.

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Tandoor, yes! I love it there. I have Kozhi Varutharachathu (chicken & coconut) whenever I go there, properly good! It might sound boring having the same thing over and over but we don't go very often and it's one of the few things I cannot make to the same standard :) 

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Decided to give Vellika a try and was very impressed. Food was great, priced right the only issue was it was bloody freezing in there, had to keep our coats on.

Also tried Royal India in Peel and it was possibly the worst curry we've ever had. What can best be described as slop, varying little in taste from one dish to the next and I've no idea what the meat was but it wasn't edible.

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