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Thinking about Quayle, I wonder if  there's something else going on.  He's someone who has done very nicely for himself, going through life doing what he's told.  He's very happy to settle into the li

What the actual fuck??? This appointment was trumpeted from the highest turrets of government when Spicer was recruited, as the very essence of the great health transformation, and that his great skil

Yes I'm sure that such a prime development spot would be snapped up and redeveloped into something more attractive just as quickly as say the old Bus Station site has been. To get back to the sub

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2 hours ago, 2112 said:

Guess how much that Money pit, the Michaels Report has cost - so far ............... £900k.


£784 spent in catering FFS! 


More importantly, what process was followed in commissioning this review? What alternate providers were invited to tender? How did the IOMG decide that Sir JM would provide the best value for money?

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3 minutes ago, TheTeapot said:

Oh yeah, an extra zero snuck in there, i had originally put 246, I was going for a tenner. I'll edit it. Again.

Don't forget the awards ceremony.

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I see Hooperman is asking questions again ...... yawn, about the deficit. 
From the Nations Propoganda Mouthpiece - 


Why doesn’t he address his best mate Mrs Beecroft, the former Health Minister. He can ask ask and ask questions but I’m sure he won’t like the answers given. I can hardly imagine COMIN adopting a strategy to keep a) LibLabVans and b) Isle of Man News and Politics Facebook page members happy, even if David Cretney was suddenly given the Minister of Healthcare portfolio. 
A complete waste, time, money and resources, when other areas of Government waste/neglect/policy etc could be addressed. 

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38 minutes ago, Boo Gay'n said:

Part-time chief executive

Part-time minister

Unhappy staff +++

Transformation run now by junior civil servants in the cabinet office

Course set for a bright future for health and social care in the Isle of Man err...


Especially as a large chunk of your budget is about to be redirected to the bank accounts of the retired!

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