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Media bleating

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2 hours ago, woolley said:

I don't think that's true, PK. It's about the pure analogue sound quality too.

It is for some folks.

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10 hours ago, Grounds Keeper Willy said:

I feel a challenge coming on. Easy enough to fake a letterhead. 

That was the afterthought. Ordinarily I would have kept pushing until I found out who was responsible for the policy, as ‘funeral director’ is not a protected or registered profession as far as I’m aware - there is no way to police the position. Technically I was the funeral director for the burial itself. I made the box, I drove him to the cemetery and I put him in the ground. I should have just phoned back and said I was calling from Hampton & Co. Funerals but obviously I had other things to deal with at the time, and he wouldn’t have really wanted anyone there anyway! I was only asking on behalf of his siblings really, and it’s been a shame for those who found out afterwards. Ahh well. 

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On 1/16/2020 at 12:15 PM, Declan said:

Sound quality is a bit of red herring actually. 

Vinyl sounds best in my house because I play it on the big speakers, whilst everything else goes through earphone, computer, phone speakers. If I set up a cd player through my amp any difference would narrow. 

Even then it's much more complex than analogue / digital. It's unlikely many modern (post late 80's) recordings don't have an digital stage in the recording or mastering. Even older recordings may have been digitally remastered on later pressings. 

On top of that, recordings made during the cd era particularly those impacted by the loudness wars, or very long records squeezed onto one disk, will need remastering expertly to transfer to vinyl and sound as good as the cd. 

Also some vinyl records and some cds of the same recording may be better than others. The Beatles cds, for example, were shit until the 2000's and an old vinyl was infinitely better. Then they remastered them and did a good job and those cds and digitial recordings are pretty good. Current vinyl uses the remastered versions although there have also been subsequent re-remastering of some lps. Which is best? Probably the version you grew up listening to. 

The mastering of a recording is such a dark art, that "best sounding", can only be judged on a recording by recording basis. 


Well the wax cylinders on my phonograph still sound grand to me.

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