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New name of a corner discovered.

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4 minutes ago, Silja said:

Se my post from Saturday, Posted yesterday at 10:53 AM. "named after a competitor". Later on I wrote rider by mistake and that's what you quoted. Not sure if I come over but it is 50 years since my first visit. Problems at the moment to get an airplane to charter...But I really hope to come for some celebrations.

If you manage to get organised for here,let me know

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On 2/1/2020 at 2:37 PM, Silja said:

Yes Manxberry. If I write like this. Edges Corner is on the TT Course but not the Mountain Course. It's on the Clypse Course. Satisfied? :-)

Edit: From 1911, after St John's Corse, the Mountain Course was used. For some years in the beginning the bikes turned right after Hillberry on to Johnny Watterson's Lane passing Edges Corner. Please note in the opposite direction compared to the Clypse Course. Later on from 1920 the competitors turned left at Cronk-Ny-Mona and followed Mountain Road to Governor's Bridge with a new start/finish line on Glencrutchery Road. So it is correct to say that Edges Corner for some years was a part of the Mountain Course or as I always call it, The TT Course.

Correct. I think the ‘Mountain Circuit’ followed the ‘turn right at Cronk Ny Mona’ route down Johnny Watterson’s Lane and then left onto Ballanard Road for 3 years; 1911/12/13. I understand that during this period the start and finish and the pits were on Ballanard Road.

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