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Isle of Man Export companies

Manximus Aururaneus

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44 minutes ago, TheTeapot said:

For the time being Troutlodge export fish eggs all over the place. Not a manx company but the eggs are produced here.

Only as long as not too many Peel women get pregnant....

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14 minutes ago, vee_dub said:

Don’t Strix still Have a factory in Ramsey?

A big lump of it now houses what used to be Manx Engineers from Laxey, now owned by an Irish group I think.

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One of our local vegetables sat in my house and opined how it was his mission to get manufacturing over here in a big way, I pointed out how did he propose to make the import and export costs cheap enough to be competitive ! he hadn't thought of that !

If we weren't so dependent on its profits, the Packet would have been the ideal opportunity to encourage both the carriage of goods and tourism!

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An interesting topic.

There are a few successful companies who export services, or target markets outside of the Isle of Man. Gaming is an obvious one (not without its challenges), while IT, software and telecoms have non-IOM elements.

The Isle of Man does need to focus a little more on business or initiatives that lead to ‘new money’ rather than subsidising displacement or competition within the local market. It makes us less exposed if there’s any change in circumstance.

Exports also contribute to what I’d class as real economic growth (goods or services), but also make better businesses.
Those who focus outside of their local markets tend to be more competitive/productive:

Also, my experience in Scotland shows agencies and Government do everything they can to encourage Scottish companies to export, and focus their sights and revenues on new markets. Displacing or very ‘local’ activities don’t get the same level of support.


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