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COVID-19 UK & Beyond


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On 1/14/2022 at 8:40 AM, Chinahand said:

I think the Aussies can exclude him. Their country their rules. But once this is all over it'd be unfair to continue to exclude him. 

A few things that have come out of this;

1. Australia has some really tough immigration laws and unless you are wealthy and can afford top lawyers then you can spend years in detention centres or be deported without any real opportunity to present your case.  

2. The Australian Immigration Minister has almost "god like" powers over immigration.

3. Nigel Farage believes that Eastern Europeans should be able to enter Australia unrestricted but that they should not be able to enter the UK.

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3 hours ago, wrighty said:

Apparently covid is more serious than a volcano/tsunami combo. Tonga insisting that aid workers isolate, and some nearby islands going into lockdown. 

What kind of world have we created when the tiny risk of dying from a respiratory virus is considered worse than being burnt alive in your homes by molten lava or washed away in a flood.

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