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COVID-19 UK & Beyond

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Admitting the PM to hospital at 9pm on a Sunday isn't a great sign. If they'd known in advance of that it was necessary I suspect it'd have been done before the Queen's speech.


Fingers crossed he'll be alright. Can't stand him, but he's a human and he has a kid on the way.

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It's lovely thanks, Rog. Supplies in shops not so bad and the panic buying seems to have abated. Sun shining. Almost warm out of the wind. Very little traffic. Birds singing. Wavelets kissing the fair

I doubt they will...   Please don't forget that certain people placed nationality above humanity very, very recently (I am looking at you Nigel Farage) and used the 'fear' of foreigners as a way

Imperial College London is leading the efforts to understand how the epidemic might develop.  They've just published their latest research.  If you want to read the whole thing go here, while a genera

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13 minutes ago, woolley said:

I question the status of religious preachers as essential. 

All these religious nuts are waiting for the scientists to find a cure, then they will claim that God did it.

The question I have to anyone religious right now is where is your God(s)?

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I always find it very sad to hear people purporting to use their own politics and beliefs to support our NHS but in reality actually doing the opposite - using our NHS to support their own politics and beliefs.

Over the last 50 years, nothing has done more to damage our NHS that they falsely claim to support than this selfish attitude. A National effort is required, bin the party politics and get behind the effort or get out of the way so that others can do it for you.

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We had all better hope these folks have got it wrong:

UK will have Europe's worst coronavirus death toll, study predicts

IHME analysis is disputed by scientists whose modelling is relied on by UK government

Daily UK deaths from Covid-19 are projected to peak at 2,932 on 17 April

I personally think they can't possibly have got it right. Simply because the virus has been allowed to get completely out of control in the UK. So we have absolutely no idea how many are infected, who they are, where they are, or even if they actually exist at all! So you would think these folks have zero chance of even getting close...

World-leading disease data analysts have projected that the UK will become the country worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic in Europe, accounting for more than 40% of total deaths across the continent.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) in Seattle predicts 66,000 UK deaths from Covid-19 by August, with a peak of nearly 3,000 a day, based on a steep climb in daily deaths early in the outbreak.

The analysts also claim discussions over “herd immunity” led to a delay in the UK introducing physical distancing measures, which were brought in from 23 March in England when the coronavirus death toll stood at 54. Portugal, by comparison, had just one confirmed death when distancing measures were imposed.

Oh well, we'll know soon enough....



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Two-thirds of public think UK coronavirus response too slow – poll

Amid uncertainty about government strategy, survey finds 90% back lockdown  

The public feel significant uncertainty about the government’s strategy to tackle the coronavirus and are sceptical about the coherence and speed of its response, a new survey has found.

Over two-thirds of the public think the government acted too slowly to control the spread of coronavirus, according to the survey carried out last week by Ipsos Mori on behalf of the Policy Institute at King’s College London.

The survey also found that more than 40% of respondents believe the government’s response to the crisis has been confused and inconsistent, with only 30% disagreeing and supporting the government.


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Dear me but this is absolutely mental...!

Revealed: 6,000 passengers on cruise ships despite coronavirus crisis 

At least 6,000 passengers remain at sea on cruise liners despite the coronavirus pandemic, Guardian analysis has found, amid growing scrutiny of the cruise industry’s reaction to the spread of Covid-19.

Dozens of fatalities have now been linked to cruise ships, with both passengers and crew dying while at sea and after disembarking. Yet, according to analysis using the ship-tracking site CruiseMapper, at least eight ships remain at sea with passengers – including one vessel on which 128 people have tested positive for coronavirus.


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