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Lord Street flats relocated to Peel Road (No Parking)

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Just now, Roger Mexico said:

But that has nothing to do with the number of spaces needed for those who will be living in the flats.  The provision of parking spaces for those working or living elsewhere is a separate matter.

Point is...there will be double the number of cars looking for spaces in the same area...contract or not.


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The shell is structurally sound and aesthetically quite pleasing. With doors on the entrances, lifts, and enclosed decks they could be reconfigured into nice one bed executive apartments. Dandara

Oh calm down.  According to that article "the council had chosen to provide only 28 spaces because the majority of its central Douglas residents, who will move into these flats, don’t own cars".   For

God bless you. With the monorail station built above Shaw's Brow. At last.

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People with no ability to see good design always pull down the good stuff just before it comes back into style. That building would be re - developed as a classic anywhere with vision. Ditto the nurses' home. And the bus station which is now sadly gone.

If only Manx Heritage were not so stupidly obsessed with the olde worlde and actually had any sense of style.

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