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Coronavirus Isle of Man

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Press Release from the Rob Vine Fund   Following the cessation of Motor Sport on the Isle of Man in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic the Directors of the Rob Vine Fund, Registered Charity No.954

@Lost Login - (and anyone else who thinks this doesn't apply to them particularly) I seem to recall you're an accountant so you can do this. Set up your own model of exponential growth in numbers

There's a lot of difficult concepts and difficult decisions being made here.  I'll have a go at a further explanation.  Possible long post ahead. First the difference between 'public health' and

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20 minutes ago, woolley said:

[...]. I agree that ideally there should be more testing but this appears to go for almost everywhere in the world. I assume that this is for a widespread shortage of testing kit.

That doesn't seem to be quite the case.  Other countries that the UK seem to be doing much more testing.  There is some shortage of kits, especially in the US, but others such as South Korea did much more testing and were able to use it to limit the spread.   In the UK the problem is that the decision was made to restrict testing to those with the most obvious and sever symptoms only.  I've seen cases where even doctors showing symptoms have been refused.  There is actually a thriving biomedical industry in the UK and I've linked previously to an article where British manufacturers were complaining that they were supplying elsewhere in the world but had had no approaches by their own government.  It's clearly a 'political' decision, maybe they hope that less testing will mean fewer cases.  In the long run it may be the opposite.

The Island followed this lead until a few days ago, but seems to be doing much more in the way of testing.  There were only 51 tests completed on Thursday and that has almost trebled to 145 today,  I suspect under pressure from the medical people.  They had claimed that they 'had' to follow the same rules as the UK, but clearly that was nonsense.

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Indeed. One of the potentially dangerous mistakes they made at the start of this was to overstate the information that kids were safe; and to understate the fact that they could and would still be carriers of the Covid virus. I think that mistake could prove to be costly. 

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59 minutes ago, woolley said:

So on the one hand you criticise them for changing the measures as the situation develops and on the other for sticking rigidly to a pre-existing plan. You can't have it both ways. In fact, neither of those things have happened in the way you imply because the "pre-existing plan" is flexible and embraces a range of actions to be taken when the situation triggers them.  As I said, "The modelling by epidemiologists goes on the whole time. They refine the results and the policy as they feed in more data." This is a well resourced, dynamic and comprehensive function of government planning which goes on year in, year out, and it is this that drives the day to day initiatives in times of crisis.

You're missing the point.  The pre-existing plan - presumably for any outbreak of disease - was to introduce particular measures at particular stages of any epidemic.  Rather than being flexible, sticking to this rigid timetable when more information about how the particular disease and outbreak progresses becomes available, is the opposite.

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7 hours ago, slinkydevil said:

What alternative arrangements for childcare? There are none.

its a bit like alternative routes into douglas when they have road works every where, they can never tell you what routes they mean though,  maybe they had by boat in mind as an alternative ?

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8 hours ago, Albert Tatlock said:

Tough one...first - are the firm willing to drop it given the situation? Second, if they are, can you hide your valuables in the car just before they arrive...and keep your distance? 3rd...make them wear gloves and go for a walk after it has been delivered (surely any viruses will have died after an hour?)

Valuables? Mate, most of my stuff came from the tip and donations.

I’ll give Corkills a ring this morning and see what they say. I‘m guessing they will have put some kind of procedures in place.

I suppose I could drive up to the Point of Ayre with the dog for a few hours while they unload but still, after being so vigilant for a week I’m not sure it’s a risk I should take. Let’s see what they say  


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What happens to people on work permits will they be able to receive benefits ?

I just haven't heard anything about this.

Skelly and Callister relaxed work permits in hospitality to attracted workers mainly low paid jobs,

have they left these people high and dry.?

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Don't forget, 10am, you heard it here first



Gov to announce that they will provide a package to cover 75% of salaries for those that would be put out of work as a result of COVID19, employers to retain the employees.

Retail workers to be offered work and retraining to man 111 for the foreseeable in return for Gov maintaining payments to them.

VAT deferral by one quarter.

Income protection package for Hoteliers, Hospitality and the self employed.



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8 hours ago, gettafa said:

The police on the Isle of Man have been expressing concern that some school kids are planning on partying when school breaks up.

Well, after all, I'm sure they'll be thinking, this corona thing is only for old people isn't it? 

An 18 year-old has become the youngest to die in UK after testing positive 

That's a knock on effect over here that is causing a parent in work to have to stay home to monitor their kids which is taking another person out of the in-work total. 

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