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12 hours ago, Grayson said:

I think you misinterpret my post. I think you’re great. I just know that part of what you do (did) is analyzing dog shit so you knew the machinery that had been purchased but not used by government. I’m not a typical MF poster I think. I think government so far has done so much so right. Thanks for your efforts. 


1 hour ago, Grayson said:

For what? 


For your grovelling ass licking two faced attempt at an apology.

That's what.

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16 hours ago, wrighty said:

 A contact is within 2m for 15 minutes. Popping to the post office doesn’t count, particularly since one assumes they have a queuing system in place which avoids being a contact. 

Doesn't this put out the wrong message?

ie: You can go within 2 metres but not longer than 15 minutes?

That's just about normal life.

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1 hour ago, Dave Hedgehog said:

Harmer doing the 4pm briefing today. 

That'll be the prom work restarting again then. 

Christ.  He'll be sitting at home shitting bricks right now.

More bricks than we've seen on the promenade. 


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14 minutes ago, Grayson said:

It wasn’t an apology. There really are some angry bell ends on this forum. 

If that ain't the dick calling the bell-end angry, I don't know what is.


I shy away from name-calling, but sometimes you just gotta call a dick, a dick. My momma always told me; "if you can't say something nice, keep your damn mouth shut". Words to live by.

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2 hours ago, Beelzebub3 said:

No doubt, where has he been for the last month? You can be sure he will be full of waffle and bullshit. If it was my decision I personally would be telling the good folk of the Island that we simply cannot afford to continue the Promenade works until we know where we stand financially and that the Islands health and well-being is of more importance to the majority. 

And that it's going to be a long, long time before anybody gets over here or the urge to set foot on a horse tram so we can bin them off and save several million hopefully

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2 hours ago, quilp said:

The local rag carrying the headline, "millions spent on MER" after an FoI request. Maybe Harmer can tell us why? On top of what Gawne spent...

Cos train sets are a hobby with endless opportunity....especially when somebody else is paying for it.

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