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Coronavirus Isle of Man

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3 hours ago, Flyingfemme said:

Actually, there is always a requirement for the aircraft operator to submit (in advance) details of everyone on board. These go to Border Force/Special Branch/Customs/Immigration depending where you have come from. There are always a myriad people tracking flights on public radar and taking photos when they are on the ground. If you are trying to sneak in somewhere you don’t use a private  jet!

Thanks.  That is what I would have assumed to be the case - but it does give rise to other questions.  If Powell's details had been filled in correctly on the list of passengers that was submitted by the operator, why wasn't the fact he was a wanted man picked up from that?  Had he been also flying in and out of the Island in the same way on previous occasions without being spotted? Alternatively if he had lied to the operator about his identity, why did he panic when he had to fill the same details in again?  And why wasn't he prosecuted for that false declaration to the operator?

It looks very much as if existing systems around such arrivals aren't operating on the Island as you would expect them to, even before the extra restriction required by movement in a pandemic.

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