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On 5/9/2020 at 7:25 AM, John Wright said:

Yes, @manx.net addresses work. They only cancel 7 days before your flight was due to fly.

My question was actually referring to Flight Club - perhaps I wasnt specific enough

I spotted my flight on the 18/5 has been cancelled so changed it. No notification prior to changing it

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On the ground?

Can easily happen though - Ryan Air operate from a lot of airports usually miles away from your actual destination.

Phoned easyjet today. Took 2 hrs to get through but all sorted on the phone    The chap said they're working remotely and having to adjust to new working practices and new systems    

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On 5/9/2020 at 12:51 PM, Cypman said:

I would like to believe you are right but I am of the view that their major route selection after lock down will be a completely new product and we will be less likely to fit into the gaps.

you clearly don't realise that their flights are on sale right through to next May

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13 minutes ago, Cypman said:

They are selling tickets for this month but are they going to operate ?

Think they are also selling tickets to Spain & Italy which aren't going either !

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15 minutes ago, snowman said:

Flights between LPL and IOM resuming 15 June according to easyjet and Liverpool Airport

I think you’d have to question that given our borders will very likely remain closed until end of July earliest (being optimistic).

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Hopefully the borders will be securely closed for a lot longer than this date,  the planes may service key workers and all the people who will be applying for compassionate trips.   

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2 hours ago, Josem said:

Easyjet has just announced they are restarting Isle of Man flights on 15 June. 

Has it? Where? It’s announced some domestic flights in UK and France and one international flight Gatwick to Nice.

Here is the list of UK airports to be served.

airports to be served by easyJet from June 15 include Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Gatwick, Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Belfast.

Im aware it isn’t an exhaustive list. But EZY only serve Belfast Jersey and IOM domestically from Speke.  No mention of either island in the list.

The only flight booking on 17/6 is LPL IOM. Are they really going to prep the plane, crew it, for an hour and 30 minute single rotation? Even Jersey and Belfast are only showing 3 or 4 flights a week.

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33 minutes ago, John Wright said:

Mr Lundgren mustn’t have read our quarantine rules.

Maybe he knows something we don't or the essential workers have been expanded to include all Tynwald plus senior civil servants and families so they can have a holiday!

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