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Tikitiki Joke


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Just remembered an Old Joke and can not find any reference to it on the Internet, so I am posting it here.

It Goes:

There are 2 Explorers back about 300 years ago who are exploring through the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.

They are going through the Coastline of New Zealand when they suddenly get surrounded by a gang of Maori Warriors and get Captured. They are tied up and dragged to the local Village.

They are tied up to posts and the Maori Chief comes up and says, "You Invaders have been caught Trespassing on our Lands. You are to be Punished! You have choice of Punishment. It is either DEATH or Tikitiki. Choose!".

The First Explorer looks up and states, "I will take this Tikitiki".

The Maori Warriors grab the Explorer and truss him up bent over and each Maori Warrior lifts up their Grass Skirts revealing their Erections and goes up to the Explorer and each Warrior Fucks Him Up The Ass.

After they are finished, the First Explorer is thrown down and he crawls away moaning in Pain of his Bleeding Ass.

The Maori Warriors then turn to the 2nd Explorer and ask, "You now! DEATH or Tikitiki?!".

The Second Explorer, being Very Brave and Manly, looks as what has happened to his Companion and makes a Decision. He goes, "I will take DEATH!".

The Maori Warriors then look dumbfounded as the Chief goes, "No one has ever chosen DEATH before! We have to decide what form of DEATH".

The Maori Warriors then have a meeting discussing the matter.

They then turn back towards the Explorer and the Chief goes, "You shall have DEATH by Tikitiki!".



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7 hours ago, dilligaf said:

For the last 30 odd years that joke used to be Death by Umbongo, or very similar. Sure it was the same name as the fruit drink

Shoving cartons of fruit drink up someone’s arse is disgraceful. 

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