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Albert Tatlock

Stuck at Home Viewing

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Place your suggestions here for us all while we are self-isolating.


Storyville, Maiden: War on the Waves: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000b8nd via @bbciplayer

Worth a watch...Tracy Edwards, first women's team in the Whitbread round the world race.

Incidently, her mother, the first woman to ride the TT.

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Posted (edited)

I watched McMillions over the last couple of weeks, HBO 6 part documentary about a scam to rip off a McDonalds Monopoly promo in the US 20+ years ago and the FBIs efforts to stop it and find the crooks. Most people missed the news cos 9/11 happened and took all the attention. It was alright, enjoyed watching it, interviews with people on all sides. Dunno if it has been broadcast over here or what channel.

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I've found plenty of series to watch on Netflix lately, including some very good British stuff: 


The Witcher: a hell of a lot better than I expected it to be and I've been a fan for years.
Russian Doll: Short series which is groundhog day like.

Love, Death + Robots: Very short stories - some are fantastic, others are shite. 

Lost in Space: Starts slow and seems quite kiddy at first but it's really nice, and the aesthetic is very good, seemingly based on the "Mass Effect" style. 

Maniac: I can't explain what makes this so insane to watch, but it's set in a slightly different world to our own and is a crazy look into depression, schizophrenia and mental health.

Stranger Things: Nuff said - it's good! 

Comedy/Dark comedy

Derry Girls: This is a wonderful show about schoolgirls in Derry in the 90s. It's dead on and quite heartfelt at times. 

Afterlife: Ricky Gervais in a fantastic role as a man who has lost his wife. 

Uncle: This surprised me - was not a fan of Nick Helm until this. 


6Underground: Ryan Reynolds, big booms, action 

Any of the Mission Impossible films

Do not watch:

Another Life: It's got Starbuck in, which is what lured me in. It's also utter utter crap.

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Go for the feel good movies.


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Just started watching the English game on Netflix, pretty good so far only 6 episodes about football teams in the 1860's


Also watched a few episodes of Harry Enfield and chums forgot how good they were

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