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Where did this start to go wrong for Howard Quayle ?


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28 minutes ago, Donald Trumps said:

There is no other money, unless funding can be arranged from the Bank of ENgland

Can we not sell the steam packet to raise funds, if we are getting a bit low on the reddies ?

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51 minutes ago, LightBulb said:

Is that now chu chu now working again ?

Is it hell. They've had to send lumps of it away to get fixed again, bogie motors I think.

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1 hour ago, LightBulb said:

Haven`t we just taken £100M out of the pension fund, that was already in the red shit ?

The NI fund is not in the red or the brown. It is worth about £750-850m depending how the investments are doing. It forms the bulk of reasonably liquid reserves. It has been further protected by the increase in the pension age currently happening, so fewer new claimants for several years while death continues at a regular pace. Pensioners will die of coronavirus too, further insulating the fund. It is proposed to fund the 3 month emergency measures for those stood down from work with £100m from the fund, so about an eighth of it. However, this is an open question. It could require more. On the other hand, everyone I have heard of making a claim appears to be getting knocked back, so perhaps it won't cost so much after all. 

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