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IOM Covid removing restrictions


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51 minutes ago, finlo said:

That's a ten Pinter if ever I saw one!

It's a good-looking woman in some quarters - without the ale 😂

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2 hours ago, the stinking enigma said:

The luck we had to land in the position we did. The geographics, a population in general prepared to do what was asked from them, a genetic specialist, even a machine was found under dust sheets. Yet somehow they still managed to fuck it up, unreal.

To be fair, they've had a lot of practice.

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5 hours ago, Roxanne said:

1 - make the general public aware of what exactly it is that Rachel is offering and what advantages it will have for the Island.

2 - Pressurise the goverment into doing a uturn.

3 -  March on Tynwald .......Oh no, sorry. 

Seriously though, I think there is no way back for Dr Glover I'm afraid. The size of humble pie is too big to swallow for those that (supposedly) matter.

They can't have Dr G at front and centre as then they wouldn't be able to picture themselves as the "saviours of the isle of man". Damned awkward stuff this psychology eh Roxanne ?. 😀


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8 hours ago, Roxanne said:

Rachel has tried every which way to re-offer her services. This last tweet wasn't the first time she's reached out. Government has made it very clear they do not want her to be involved.

I want her to be involved. Not because I don't like the government, not because I don't trust the government, Not because I want to see her 'win' and them lose, not because she's my mate or my old school friend or because she posts on here and seems like a bloody good egg.

I would like her to be involved because what she's offering is something very very special for the Island. Something we may, should things get worse, help us to plan a way out of it.

After two weeks these crucial test results still haven't come back,  Today, Dr Ewart said she would 'chase them up'.  Chase them up FFS?

Rachel is saying she could have had the results turned around in one day.

Just to remind you.  This is a pandemic.  We are not exempt, sea or no sea.  It's is now spreading and we have a world class expert offering to assist.

They may not be listening to her but they could very well listen to us if enough of us made our voices heard.

I'm willing to stick my head over the parapet. By tweet, by email, to HQ - to the lot if necessary.

This is a ridiculous state of affairs folks.  We're being held to ransom here by some people's egos.  This is NOT in the best interests of the Island. Not in the slightest. Time to make our voices heard.




This! Right on the nose! I felt reasonably safe during the last lockdown because they had it under control, this time? Not so, I’m skitterish and living in fear - is my dad safe from the new strain? When will I get back to work? Mr Quayle, Mr Ashford et al, haven’t moved on, they’re not doing anything new - the vaccine is a bonus but it’s not “our ticket out of here”. 

Our government are being offered what they, as our representatives, need and they will not accept the help. Absolutely shameful! 

I want my dad to be safe, I want to go to work tomorrow with my colleagues again and I really really really want to see my daughter again. 

Dilligaf, what do you mean when you say “all cards on the table”? 

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10 hours ago, Cambon said:

Correct! Jersey's economy has a massive tourist based element. Although it only forms a small part of the financial side of their economy, from an employment point of view it is massive. Iom does not have that issue. 

Our government is spot on in their vaccination strategy. 

It is a marathon, not a sprint! 

Yeah that's true. But we are the chap who does the marathons in his full dry diving suit and lead boots

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9 hours ago, Roger Mexico said:

We won't be 'leading the way' with a contact tracing app - that's stupid DfE-style talk.  We'll look at other places that are running an effective app with widespread adoption (be it Ireland, New Zealand, Taiwan, Jersey of whoever) and take what we need from them.  There's not the time to reinvent the wheel and it would be stupid in any case.

I was looking at the Auckland outbreak in August and I was struck by how effective their contact tracing was.  Very few cases were reported as unlinked to others, even when first announced.  Even casual contacts such as being on the same bus that led to infection were picked.

In contrast of the non-travel cases announced here over the last week, 7 were unlinked compared to 15 that were - about a third.  It's not as bad as some places (eg Malta) but it's nothing like as reassuring as the sort of figures they were getting New Zealand.  In the end they were able to trace every single case of infection they had.

The Isle of Man meanwhile ignores the fact that each of those 7 cases could be the start of a separate outbreak.  Keep your eyes tightly closed and the bad thing will go away.

And this 'quick' lockdown is estimated to cost at least £8 - £10 million.  Maybe we should be looking at things that might reduce the length and scope of the next one.

"Not the time to reinvent the wheel"

They have have nearly a year, and don't need to invent anything, just look at what proper countries did months ago and take the lessons they have learned on board.

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