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IOM Covid removing restrictions


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Firstly, thank you for the informative and entertaining thread!

On the subject of Dr. Glover, for me it's another example of government over here neglecting to listen or use someone of higher technical knowledge or experience due to egoic reasons, ignorance and because their face doesn't fit. She would provide a better service at this crucial time than anyone else on island, it's as simple as that.

I've encountered this kind of situation multiple times in various work projects. I know people who have left the island for similar reasons. Some people love being in charge and being at top of hierachies even if they are ill equipped to be there and neglect people 'below' them despite them being far better qualified, more experienced or having an increased level of knowledge in specific areas.

At the end of the day we pay the government employees with our taxes and unfortunately government is going to provide a low quality service in so many areas if we continue down this route. Needless to say many governments are like this, but you hope that over here that we still have the sense of right and wrong which has completely left places like the adjacent island and the US.

Hopefully we get through this. There would have been no need to re-lockdown if we had continued testing returnees and if necessary extend the isolation period on return to 21 days to put people off travelling.

Stay safe!

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21 minutes ago, quilp said:

That's right, 6000 people bothered, then it all went to shit. 

The petition was passed around a Tynwald sitting. The members scathingly glanced through the list of names. I remember one Onchan member (not Quirkie, although he was a toilet tax supporter) gleefully landed on one name, declaring he had found someone called M.Mouse. He sneered at the petition and dismissively passed it on.

That particular MHK was defeated at the next general election. A small crumb of comfort but I like to think it was in no small part due to this episode.

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2 minutes ago, quilp said:

And that never got off the starting grid. 

Oh it did, we still have a MGP, although John Shimmin was dismissive of petitions as a way of getting the public's feelings across, it doesn't leave many legal actions available. I think that the threat of disruption to the TT may have had some bearing on things too? 

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1 hour ago, Barlow said:

And the toilet tax, don't forget the toilet tax.

That petition got over 6,000 signatures.

And it was effective in the end.  The flat rate 'toilet tax' was abolished and the charges made through the rates.  Still not completely fair and still with elements of poorer, urban dwellers subsidising richer, rural ones, but not as dramatically as before.

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1 minute ago, Annoymouse said:

Not enough facial hair for your liking? 

usually I feel a beard suits anybody but on this occasion I might make an exception

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