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IOM Covid removing restrictions


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42 minutes ago, manxst said:

What changed was....”We believe that our current copyright dispute surrounding specialist software the DHSC failed to license from us is the reason why they will not use our services, despite the obvious advantages to working with us rather than against us”. This also means that the government would rather send tests across for a two week turnaround rather than the 36(?) hours the on Island lab can produce. Oh, not to mention spending all that money off Island...

Putting pride before a fall, methinks....

This is disgusting, you just don't steal software in business. Its a big no no.

You also don't take a product given at cost with goodwill and sell it on to private individuals.

The software theft is the worst of the 2, I hope she takes them to the cleaners over it, bloody unbelievable that they wont pay for it.


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12 minutes ago, Annoymouse said:

Well that’s fighting fire with fire if I ever saw it. I think it would’ve been easier to send Dr Glover some samples before trying to discredit her services, very poor move from HQ, they should be building bridges not barriers.

They have no intention of building bridges.

They'd rather the whole thing disappeared.

The bottom line is that someone had the absolute gall to challenge them on some of their statements.

They retaliated with a completely unbelievable story of an anonymous letter supporting their spin that was shredded the day it arrived.

The public, understandably smelled a long tail.

The government were ridiculed and someone had to pay.  It was never going to be them. They chose Dr Glover.

What they didn't consider (because they never look further than the nose on their face) is that they are not only making Dr Glover pay - they are making the Manx public pay.

We are now in lockdown again. It could have been avoided. Mental health is affected, cash flow is affected, liberty is affected.

And why?

Because they fucked up, and now they're covering up.

That's the bottom line.

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12 minutes ago, Max Power said:


Surely they should have called @rachomicsin for a chat to lay their cards on the table and avoided all of this speculation and unpleasantness. It seems that is beyond their capability!  

Stonewalling is part of their strategy. It's hugely unprofessional and unkind but there's an even sinister side to it.

By stonewalling an expert, someone Manx born who is offering, free of charge to provide a top-notch service, someone who desperately wants to help, they are by their very silence implicit in inciting the other party to shout ever louder and to defend herself even further.

It's a tactic employed by the worst of the worst.

And why?

So they can sit back, smug, secure, silent, while the other party shouts louder in order to be seen.

All what people see is that there's absolutely nothing wrong with government but there’s something very very wrong with the good doctor.  It's already happening. People are saying  awful things about Dr Glover on Social media.  It's shameful.

Dirty tricks.  From our government.


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2 minutes ago, Gladys said:

I agree Rox, but the whiff of litigation means they will never capitulate.  Our loss, but after seeing that, I cannot see any way back, much to my own immense disappointment. 

The only way is for the people of the Isle of Man to become aware of what is going on and to demand answers and not to give up.

Hearts and minds. If the people knew how badly this decision was affecting them in their every day lives then they might just feel galvanised into action.

But, like you, I’m not holding my breath.

This government is adept at covering their tracks. It's the one thing they are experts in.


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22 minutes ago, John Wright said:

We’d be unhappy if Howard was taking advice from a Rasputin like snake oil salesman.

Historically, Snake Oil salesmen have an outstanding record in their dealings with our leaders....

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3 minutes ago, doc.fixit said:

....and the radio mast at the point and the, marinas', and the air ships and the .....???

Island-wide IRIS, The Cabbage....shall we lob in the power station?

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