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IOM Covid removing restrictions


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On 2/19/2021 at 6:18 PM, Barlow said:

Watching the briefing. Re the guy going in to the pub on his own and sitting in a corner with a pint without talking to anybody..... I think Henrietta is stalking me, 

But at least I know I'm safe from Covid. Probably.

Yep, definitely stalking. Me down to a tee:


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Again reading once more about genomics or not genomics . I just think , rightly or wrongly when you go into battle you take with you all your weapons to be able to deal with whatever you encounter ! . Thats just prudent and sensible . Maybe we wouldnt need all those weapons but if we did we can .  I'll just leave it there .  

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1 minute ago, Manxas said:

So the new list of low risk locations has been published. I'd say a school bus during last week's wet weather would make for a small, steamy environment which, if full of kids could be a great breeding ground for germs. 

Wasnt a school bus was it? Thought but was just a run of the mill bus

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19 minutes ago, TerryFuchwit said:

Correct.  It's a silly idea.  Let it go FFS.  It's like a cult.

It’s a ‘silly idea’ which the government think is a good enough idea to employ themselves. Except instead of going with the local 24 hour option, which would mean up to date results and therefore Island wide policies made from them in good enough time to be able to change things for the better, they’ve decided to use a UK facility which is undoubtedly pretty busy and therefore only lets us have the results within 5 days or more. It’s not a cult. It’s scientific best practice. Even your beloved leader thinks it’s a good idea. 
Still waiting for why what I said earlier about NOTHING happened today in the media conference by HQ was allegedly so wrong by the way...? 

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25 minutes ago, TerryFuchwit said:

Genomics today or three or five days  makes no difference to what happened today.

You really are a fool to keep this 'persona' up for so long.

Whether Govt  'Apologist General' or Deviled Advocado, you do your intelligence no favours at all with this constant diatribe of opposing everything!!!

The current situation of uncertainty is worrying many people, some feel the Govt has not acted or reacted quickly enough and yet you want to denigrate both sides of the argument for your own??? purposes!

You must have noticed by now that your posts do not even elicit serious responses from the cognicenti whom you aim at? Perhaps you should be second on Slinkys list?

The Uncle Ronnie persona would at least give us a laugh?

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