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IOM Covid removing restrictions

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OK. For what it's worth I'm going to try and explain why genomics is important in a ssRNA virus epidemic. No doubt it will end up being recited badly at a briefing, but, well, whatever. You read it he

Rachel has tried every which way to re-offer her services. This last tweet wasn't the first time she's reached out. Government has made it very clear they do not want her to be involved. I want h

I think you'll find most so called anti-government rhetoric is focused on government-stupidity and government-selfishness. In recent times - under Brown, Bell and now Quayle - all too many govern

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Not sure they have made the right call here . Glad theres no lockdown but seems they are taking a big gamble on these two unexplained cases . Riding their luck I feel . Hope they have made the right call but one thing is we will know later this week if they have or not . 

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3 minutes ago, Numbnuts said:

1886 opening at 5 

Everybody down to the mosh pit! 😂

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2 minutes ago, snowman said:

They started cooking an hour ago so might be somewhere about 6pm

Is Government Offices canteen opening especially for those hungry overpaid and underworked MHKs and Civil Servants?

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31 minutes ago, Roger Mexico said:

It's a bit weird them issuing a press release an hour before the actual conference.  Usually Quayle is only too keen to be the one pronouncing the good news.  They're claiming it's because there's no new cases among close contacts, but that would hardly be relevant because those people should be isolating anyway.

Suppose it gives hospitality more time to get staff in & open if they wish 

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It would be nice if one of our lame politicos could ask how much this weekends Government communications screwup and vanity exercises has cost the  taxpayer. Treasury Minister is fond of trotting out costs.

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