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IOM Covid removing restrictions

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16 minutes ago, Cambon said:

You cannot mix households. 

And that is why there should be some consideration for common sense.

No risk from.someone who has isolated and done three tests moving in with someone else if its better for either sides wellbeing.

My mum isn't able to see anyone.  Its ridiculous.  Even the UK at its worst allowed support bubbles.

Now we aren't even letting some kids under 18 see their own parents.

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iomtoday. Construction work must stop for two weeks from today. Further announcement during 4pm briefing.

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Just now, Non-Believer said:

iomtoday. Construction work must stop for two weeks from today. Further announcement during 4pm briefing.

Somebody's not going to get their Christmas bonus.

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On 3/4/2021 at 12:14 PM, Roxanne said:

It's centring around the customers and staff who were in the Bridge on Saturday night - the Bridge and the Queens, for reasons best known to themselves stayed open on Saturday night and two people from the Bridge have tested positive.

111 has given the advice to all that there is no need to isolate and only ring for a test if symptoms develop.  The quote from them was, "You are free to go about your daily business within the confines of the current lockdown".

That news caused some consternation about asymptomatic customers going shopping etc.

Now, Manx Radio have put out a statement saying all Bridge customers from Saturday night should immediately isolate. No one knows where this has come from and many are quoting 111 as 'the experts' and they don't have to isolate or have a test while others are insisting that they do.

Can't you just disconnect your landline? So that 111 cannot reach you and serve the "direction notice" to "isolate". If you haven't been told, it won't be illegal to be out and about all day, which has been my normal state of affairs lately; lockdown or not.

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Pinched the below information from someone on Twitter but thought it was quite interesting because they keep going on about the ECDC definitions of Covid but I wonder if Ewart has actually read the notes section:



[1] Additional less specific symptoms may include headache, chills, muscle pain, fatigue, vomiting and/or diarrhoea."

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1 hour ago, Happier diner said:

IMHO seems to be that someone has got off the boat. They are infected.

Without reading beyond the above, I reckon it's more than one person, hence the unknown unknowns.

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1 hour ago, germann said:

I'm going for 130.

Only 57 you must be incredibly disappointed with such a low number. Those sort of numbers aren’t going to scare many people really. No doubt you’ll be praying for a much bigger number tomorrow. 

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4 minutes ago, horatiotheturd said:

They have barely scratched the surface of testing those forced into isolation yet.

Figures are going to rocket

Only 348 awaiting tests, figure was certainly lower than I expected.

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