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IOM Covid removing restrictions

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35 minutes ago, Manx Yeller said:

Honestly I don't care whether the UK, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, Outer Mongolia have done a higher percentage of 1st dose, 2nd dose or both doses. We all understand that we can only go as quick as the amount we receive but expect that it gets used as quickly as possible after we receive it.

Precisely. The Gibraltar data merely shows what can be done with enough determination which unfortunately is still lacking here. At least the increased vaccine supply has been expected and "lessons have been learned" and we have been "looking forward" so I'm sure preparations are already in place to ramp up the process.  Letters have been sent and appointments made so this week we can expect many more jabs in arms! 2k per day ? 3k per day?  DA has not mentioned it yet so I'm sure he's wants to keep it as a surprise!

You think?  

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1 hour ago, Annoymouse said:

What happened to Stay Home - Stay Safe - Protect your NHS?

.........if Mr Toad and the MBE get their vaccine programme sorted PDQ, consigned to the dustbin of history although Headboy Hancock will carry on muttering it 'til his dying day - and Whitty will have it tattooed somewhere.

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9 minutes ago, Cassie2 said:

Exactly - that is why I dispute your views. Everyone will NOT be vaccinated here by May as you stated categorically and it will not happen until about September (several months later than you claimed) and not even then given the refuseniks etc etc. Also are you aware of the latest from the Chairman of the Joint Committee on Vaccinations today - he says a booster will be needed from August to avoid a disaster next winter because no-one knows how long the vaccines are effective for nor what effect they will have on new variants which keep emerging.

You, Banker, are clearly far from stupid normally but you certainly need to avoid highly selective generalised quotes from the Tabloid Evening Standard to be much more factually correct and precise if you want to be taken at all seriously in a forum thread discussing medical matters relating to Covid19.



I never said anything about everyone here being vaccinated by May! Ashie said all over 50s by May but who knows, once all vulnerable have one then open up borders as far as I’m concerned 

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1 hour ago, Roxanne said:

There are possibly only so many times you can see the leaders screw up without there being any accountability before you think fuck it, if they’re not taking any responsibility then why should I. 

Because you will end up in Jurby, whereas "they" will have moved on, having learnt lessons. 

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1 minute ago, Billy kettlefish said:

No unfortunately. 😞 

Sorry, to hear that, truly.  In the midst of all this we tend to forget that life goes on with all that that involves. 

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2 minutes ago, the stinking enigma said:

It's a bit hard for me to keep up but i thought that the 108/106/110 day of moulton-gate was on the monday the 8th?

It was and they they went away and hid for two days.

The heading says it's the date Covid was confirmed, so it confirms something we'd already worked out, which is that they are the figures for the tests that were processed the day before.  That's fine, though you can't see why they then need to wait till 4 pm (or later) to announce the figures.  Countries that follow a similar protocol (such as Malta or Guernsey) normally manage that by midday.

The figure that was announced on Monday was 56, Moulton pointed out they had told Tynwald members it was 108, Ashford blathered unconvincingly and later on they gave out revised figures of 110 (though the increase in the totals was 108).  Now it seems the number for 7th (which would be what we are talking about) is 114.  At best it's sloppy and needs explaining and systems need checking.  At worst the figures are being manipulated to "tell a story".

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9 minutes ago, Banker said:

I never said anything about everyone here being vaccinated by May! Ashie said all over 50s by May but who knows, once all vulnerable have one then open up borders as far as I’m concerned 

Dont see this happening tbh as my second isnt happening till May 22nd and I'm in the 65 plus group .

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