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IOM Covid removing restrictions


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Howard says he has been "swamped" with complaints about questions, "100s".

I can't believe that.

In any case,I see over 4000 viewrs on Facebook alone. There must be plenty on Manx Radio too

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So Howard is saying that he's  getting hundreds of people writing to him saying they don't like the questions from the press. So how do those of us who do like the press questions, let Howard know we like them? 

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The press/media is the most crucial part, after the numbers (which is a click away in any case).

There may be duplicate questions - I've not really noticed that - but so what. At least there are questions and the media is reflecting questions provided by the public.

Howard and the merry boys and girls in the Spin Doctor section of the Cabinet Office need to stfu on this one.

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iomtoday's report says HQ claims that people are "switching off from the conferences" because of the questions....

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Howard repeated that a third of the audience dropped off when questions stated. The viewing figures on Facebook tend to drop off after the figures are provided and any particular news such as changes in restrictions.

After that, some people do go back to their baking/boxsets and pretending to work from home, but 2/3 stay for the questions.

Howard . . . your message is getting across, you ain't gonna retain the third that drop off, ever. Be thankful you have the audience you do. keep it going.

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