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IOM Covid removing restrictions

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5 hours ago, Marion Costel said:

For the isle, loss of faith in its institutions could mean a lot of young people leaving and degradation of the livelihood of those who are left. This is not a rich versus poor juxtaposition.


That’s interesting. I’m dealing with about 5 families leaving the island at the moment. The common theme is that they don’t care about covid in the UK. The border controls have separated them from family and friends now for over a year and that’s it for them it’s about quality of life not being locked away from life.They’d rather be near family than live locked away from covid for what most seem to think will be the best part of another year yet the way the IOM is going. The mini property boom we’re having seems to have meant that most have found it quite quick and easy to sell up so they’re off. There’s a lot quietly going on that is counter to the general bubble mentality here. 

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30 minutes ago, Foot Loose said:

The same old people are at risk of suffering or dying because of the inevitable degradation to health care brought by the border closure.

Again, one is assumed to be callous just for pointing out to the trade offs of lockdown.

The estimate that half of the victims of Covid would die anyway within one year is coming from the UK government; specifically by a report coauthored by the damn Neil Ferguson last year. Just google it.

With your logic, shall we lock ourselves in our houses every winter because one death from the flu is one too many. Do the young and healthy need to stop living because otherwise they may spread respiratory illnesses? Where do you draw the line?

You are all so unbelievably stupid; or it is something else I cant explain. Where is your logic?


If you read my post I said that Filippo made some good points. However, I happen to believe that all citizens are deserving of society's protection when they need it, and the suggestion that 25 lives were not worth saving because they were going to die anyway is not one that I agree with. If you don't agree with me on that, fair enough, but perhaps you could tell me at what point a person becomes unworthy of protection. Is it purely down to age, and if so, what age? Or should we factor in other things as well such as disability, or some random measure of how much we feel they are likely to contribute to society?

I really do not know how that makes you think that my logic means that we should lock ourselves away every winter. I have never mentioned any such thing. You are making assumptions about me that you are not in a position to make.

At the height of a pandemic that was killing a high percentage of the elderly people affected, something had to be done to protect them. In the longer run, there are better ways of protecting them as we have seen, such as vaccination, but that takes a while to be effective. As an aside, and since you mentioned it, why do you suppose we vaccinate elderly and vulnerable people against flu (not that the effects of flu are in any way comparable to Covid). 

Society has to respond to what is in front of it at the time, and that will obviously change as the situation changes. That requires finesse and balance. For your own sanity, I would suggest you try to take a more nuanced approach.


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Fillipo you really are an outspoken type of fellow. I did not impose my views on anyone by suggesting that some folk who take exercise to excess are selfish and yes, it does reflect what type of person I am. One who is concerned for other folk's welfare and the way that some people can affect that.

In my opinion, some of your views are very accurate whilst other of your views reflect what type of person you are. I would not like to be like you or have a lifestyle like you but everyone to their own, that is your privilege.

Welcome home.

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1 hour ago, Newbie said:

How can you know that half of the people that would have caught Covid would be dead now anyway? It is not possible to know that without knowing who would have caught it.

The 50% was a guesstimate bandied about.

Research concluded the number was between 5% and 15%.

Clearly it's not an exact science mind.

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29 minutes ago, P.K. said:

The 50% was a guesstimate bandied about.

Research concluded the number was between 5% and 15%.

Clearly it's not an exact science mind.

Similar estimates for number of deaths caused by lack of treatment for illnesses because health facilities restrictions.

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39 minutes ago, Cassie2 said:

Have you read the regulations, before posting. As a lawyer you should have.

Where are workplace meetings made illegal or prohibited?

As long as they’re socially distanced and mask wearing, I, for one, am glad that the Manx Care management team are cracking on.

The photo perspective can be deceptive, especially about depth, and thus distance.

These are employees, senior medical staff, departmental heads, who are going into the hospital and working. No different to Dr’s, nurses, radiographers, phlebotomists.

You, you’re just angry. Josem is just a ( nasty right wing ) opportunist who seems to have no common sense.

Dont forget. For this meeting, during Covid lock down there will have been a risk assessment. It will have taken into account distancing, masks, and the fact that most, if not all, hospital workers will have been vaccinated ( both doses ).

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48 minutes ago, WindJammer said:

That’s interesting. I’m dealing with about 5 families leaving the island at the moment.

What is it about 5?



On 5/2/2017 at 9:55 PM, hboy said:

staffed by about 5 people


On 5/22/2019 at 9:29 PM, thesultanofsheight said:

He has a following of about 5 people


On 5/5/2020 at 12:43 PM, Manx Expat said:

I’ve spoken to about 5 people


On 9/2/2020 at 7:46 PM, thesultanofsheight said:

I know about 5 people who have been made unemployed 


On 10/19/2020 at 9:03 PM, thesultanofsheight said:

Knows about 5 people in his social circle (all around forties to mid forties) who have had breakdowns in the last 2 months


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3 minutes ago, Banker said:

Moderna vaccine being rolled out today in Wales , hopefully we’ll get our share soon & won’t sit on it for too long 


Our share is 20,000 doses ( 10,000 people ) spread over the next 8 months. So 2 days worth of our current vaccination rate every month. Of course, every little helps.

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1 hour ago, WindJammer said:

They’d rather be near family than live locked away from covid

For most of last year they would have been able to travel to the UK, albeit with restrictions upon their return. However, the majority of the UK population were living under quite tight restrictions anyway for large parts of last year. Overall, given the priorities you say they have, it sounds as though the Isle of Man might not be an ideal location for these families irrespective of Covid

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