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IOM Covid removing restrictions

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OK. For what it's worth I'm going to try and explain why genomics is important in a ssRNA virus epidemic. No doubt it will end up being recited badly at a briefing, but, well, whatever. You read it he

Rachel has tried every which way to re-offer her services. This last tweet wasn't the first time she's reached out. Government has made it very clear they do not want her to be involved. I want h

I think you'll find most so called anti-government rhetoric is focused on government-stupidity and government-selfishness. In recent times - under Brown, Bell and now Quayle - all too many govern

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4 minutes ago, Banker said:

Have all you great Manx Public got your Bingo cards ready for 4pm 😂

No, but I’ve just made a huge Bloody Mary. 

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I’ll ask David

nothing further to add

data not dates 


are my 4 corners


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3 hours ago, Zarley said:


 Privatised healthcare encroaching on any NHS facilities makes me extremely wary and nervous. 

 if either the NHS or the private lot have a certain item of equipment wouldn't it be better to have them next to each other so each could use it, for a fee, when necessary rather than double up on hardware ?

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