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IOM Covid removing restrictions

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3 hours ago, Newbie said:

Well that is a different argument. We are talking about the tests done because people have chosen to travel and then chosen to have the tests rather than isolate for longer. You can easily argue the case that the tests should be free, in order to mitigate some of the travel difficulties brought about by the lockdown, and I would agree with that. But it isn't what the government have decided.

The point I was making was that saying the tests cost the government £18.75 (as in Dr Glover's calculation) is inaccurate. If knowing the actual cost is considered important, it should be correctly calculated. 

But there are actually two separate questions being conflated here.  The first is about how much should be charged for 'private' tests and indeed whether a charge should be made at all.  Normally charging for tests for communicable disease, such as Covid, is seen as a very bad idea because you want to catch as many cases as possible before it spreads.  That's why there don't seem to many places charging for them - at least not directly.  But if you are going to charge for such tests in some circumstances, then the amount charged is always going to be arbitrary and based more on what the market will bear.

In fact the whole approach to testing has been typically self-contradictory with us being told both that no one would choose to have have the test done voluntarily and that we have to restrict and charge for them, otherwise everyone will want them all the time.

The second question is what the "actual cost" of a test is[1] and of course the obvious reply is "How long is a piece of string?".  Creative accountancy can associate as many or as few costs as required in such a calculation - indeed large areas of the Manx economy are based on doing just that.  This is probably one of the worst places on Earth to pretend that there is a definitive and honest answer and that it includes a long list of unchanging overheads.

In reality the best approximation (and Rachel Glover's calculation was openly just that) is going to change depending on the circumstances.  It is clearly nonsense to include things such as property costs when those existed before and would still have to be paid if there was no Covid crisis.  If you're talking about the actual costs of a relatively small increase in tests then the sort of consumables-only calculation that Rachel made is probably the most appropriate.  Higher increases would have additional staff costs, but mainly on the swabbing and 111 side because the lab processes are so highly automated.

The real problem here, as in so much else, is that when such calculations are being done, it is to justify decisions already made, rather than to inform those decisions.


[1]  Obviously it should be "considered important" how much any such procedure costs in any financially competent organisation.  Equally obviously the DHSC hasn't been such an organisation for years.


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1 hour ago, madmanxpilot said:

I have a lot of time and respect for the bloke, but I really do wish he'd stop talking about things that he's not qualified so to do. 

he'd have nothing to say then.

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3 hours ago, Gladys said:

2 should be expanded to cover the now meaningless first stat - number of tests completed since time immemorial.

Anyone else got their bingo card?  My four corners are: wrong, we, sorry, were.  No hope. 

I'm gonna win it with:


The lady in question

Thank you Chief Minister

No  - I have nothing to add. You have explained that beautifully. (and hasn't Molly got a lovely smile again today?)



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1 minute ago, Nom de plume said:

HQ ....

“The difficult subject of the borders”

Hoping to have some news soon.


Just said 3a end of April & moving to next stage shortly after with testing based on region traveling from , so copying Channel Islands 😀

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1 minute ago, Banker said:

Just said 3a end of April & moving to next stage shortly after with testing based on region traveling from , so copying Channel Islands 😀

Pretty much. Going to be some fun in here come mid May 🤣

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3 minutes ago, Nom de plume said:

Pretty much. Going to be some fun in here come mid May 🤣

They’ve obviously listened to someone with common sense on borders and not the keep locked down brigade who only wanted borders open when whole island vaccinated!!

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Just now, The Chief said:

So adding in another layer of 'advisors' to polish the golden turd that was Howie's exit framework the best they can come up with?


It's called 'The Blame Game'.

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5 minutes ago, The Voice of Reason said:

It’s called taking advantage of expertise that may be available.

It's called taking the piss. They've had month's to assemble a crack team of experts.

The rest of the UK and the Crown Dependants are opening up. We're putting together a group to talk about it - ffs man.

... and you're 'The Voice of Reason'.

Edited by Nom de plume
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