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IOM Covid removing restrictions

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1 hour ago, The Voice of Reason said:

You probably think Mother Theresa was just a wicked old woman!

Ah, the missionary position...



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2 hours ago, Roger Mexico said:

But there are actually two separate questions being conflated here.  The first is about how much should be charged for 'private' tests and indeed whether a charge should be made at all.  Normally charging for tests for communicable disease, such as Covid, is seen as a very bad idea because you want to catch as many cases as possible before it spreads. 

Which is why, in my reply to Gladys, I pointed out that what she was saying about the advisability, or otherwise, of charging travellers for tests was a different argument. As it happens, I personally believe that all of the tests should be done for free, largely for the reason you mention, but that isn't the situation.

2 hours ago, Roger Mexico said:

But if you are going to charge for such tests in some circumstances, then the amount charged is always going to be arbitrary and based more on what the market will bear.

To a certain extent, I agree with that, and it would seem that the market can bear £50 a test. Even so, the cost of private treatment does have some sort of basis in what it actually costs to provide rather than being totally arbitrary. For instance, if a private company was offering a service and was routinely charging less than the amount it cost them to provide the service, because that was the arbitrary amount they had settled upon, they wouldn't remain in business long.

2 hours ago, Roger Mexico said:

It is clearly nonsense to include things such as property costs when those existed before and would still have to be paid if there was no Covid crisis.

I think the clue to your position is in the use of 'private' rather than private. That would seem to suggest that you don't really view the tests as private in the normal sense (you can correct me if that is wrong). They are certainly costs that any normal private service provider would take into account when calculating their costs, but I can see why you wouldn't think it was appropriate to include them if you don't really think these tests are truly private.

So it would seem that you are adding in a third question - whether these are private tests or 'private' tests


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56 minutes ago, Nomadic Raptor said:

performing arts





Expressive arts


you know the important subjects 

I thought they were the only subjects they did these days. The other subjects, the boring stuff, they do a bit but get an A* anyway.

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26 minutes ago, Major Rushen said:

Air bridges.... guy asks if there can be more.....direct flights to ?????

Isle of man.

Bit like yorkshire airlines. Leaving leeds international airstrip....arriving leeds international airstrip cos if it int in yorkshire it int worth visiting

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Just now, Happier diner said:

Isle of man.

Bit like yorkshire airlines. Leaving leeds international airstrip....arriving leeds international airstrip cos if it int in yorkshire it int worth visiting

That's one of my favourite sketches. 

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48 minutes ago, Gladys said:

Quite frankly, today could have been just one of the threesome saying these are the figures, they're very encouraging and we hope to have positive news after Thursday and will take questions then. Done in 1 minute. 

Can’t disagree with that

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46 minutes ago, Banker said:

I took it that borders restrictions will commence being eased end April, the isolation policy is being considered this week, requirement to isolate away from families is going soon & we will go to a traffic light system like Channel Islands fairly shortly after .

as you say may have missed boat on attracting UK Visitors as Jersey have had a big push 


Yes. It sounded to me like for HQ the penny has dropped. Hope so. He has to convince COMIN now though. 

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Manx Radio: Chief Minister“We have to accept that once we open the borders, we will see more cases of Covid on the island - some measures may need to be reintroduced but we hope to not have to go back into another lockdown.

My view is that just one more ‘short/ sharp/ hard’ lockdown will potentially be the final straw for some people/businesses here. Most people have had enough lockdowns and will start making life changing decisions if this happens again. Anecdotal evidence now suggests that many of the off-island investors who recently bought properties here will never actually move here, while many of those who sold will take this opportunity to cash out and physically leave.

The Covid driven surge in the property market may actually lead to population shrinkage, not growth. This could mean a greater shortage of teachers, medical professionals and similar. Should these shortages occur, then everyday lives of IOM residents would become a little bit more frustrating. E.g., hospital waiting lists would get even longer.

IMHO, the IOMG should implement a random Covid testing regime for residents which is free of charge, even after the Island’s entire adult population has been fully vaccinated. All visitors need to be Covid tested on the day of their arrival, again free of charge. We also need a system of  'Covid vaccination passports’ for all residents who have received their two jabs, and a similar Covid vaccination passport system that records the Covid passports status of people who have had their Covid passports issued in other jurisdictions.

These Covid management schemes will be necessary to keep Covid out. We must do these things because we simply don’t know and can’t possibly know how Covid materialise down the track, and we can’t keep the borders closed indefinitely. If we do have an unfortunate spike in Covid cases, it will not just be our local health services that will go into a tail spin, our economy and reputations will go with them.

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