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IOM Covid removing restrictions


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1 hour ago, The Voice of Reason said:

You can’t take toiletries in cabin luggage, well not a practical amount.

Sure you can. They sell it air-side.

Also - why not just buy what you need when you get there?

Do you also take tea bags?

Great to be thinking about travelling again.

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53 minutes ago, trmpton said:

Off topic but I haven't taken a suitcase anywhere for at least 15 years.  Way too much hassle waiting for baggage, humping it around etc.

I always post stuff out in a box, and any decent hotel will arrange to post it back when you checkout.

Yeh, course you do:rolleyes:

I suppose as a pensioner it may be true about not taking a suitcase.  Easy enough when you are only responsible for yourself for a 5 day trip.

That doesn't work when travelling with a young family on a two week holiday.

It's just patronising,detached from reality shite, when someone suggests "like all modern people" do when they say they don't do hold baggage.

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15 minutes ago, pongo said:

I can easily pack a week's worth of clothing into cabin luggage if I think it through.

You must have really mastered that washing your ass over a sink with a bar of hotel soap and a hot flannel thing. I’m not sure many people are that mean these days. For a few pounds extra you can travel like a human being. 

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2 minutes ago, Taskmaster said:

You must have really mastered that washing your ass over a sink with a bar of hotel soap and a hot flannel thing. I’m not sure many people are that mean these days. For a few pounds extra you can travel like a human being. 

Oh, it's you. What a surprise.

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11 hours ago, Amadeus said:

Does anyone know if the ten day quarantine in the UK applies if you travel back to the IOM for a non red listed country in Europe? Travel planning right now is even less fun than before and local government staff / helplines don't seem to know.


10 hours ago, John Wright said:

In theory you should be ok if you are transiting. However the forms aren’t clear. You may find they try and screw you for uk testing fee. You must remind them that IOM is not in UK.


9 hours ago, John Wright said:

You should also tick the box to say your ultimate destination is not in the UK. I’m not sure it allows an IOM postcode to isolate in.


8 hours ago, Amadeus said:

Thanks for the replies guys. I tried IOMG resources and they didn’t know. The trip is to Bulgaria and back. Not a red country as far as I can see. Also emailed UK track and trace thingy. Let’s see what they reply.


Amadeus: I put all that information in my posting on top of pag. 2016 (the posting before this one); it is pretty detailed in regard to the underlying legal issues.

Of course the government helpline doesn't have a clue; they aren’t meant to be good for anything. What do you expect from government officials?

I did not ask anyone, because I don’t trust anyone by habit, the least those who are at the opposite ideological end of myself. I just went through the relevant UK legislation. The law is from last June; the requirement to have Covid tests introduced last January did NOT amend the June legislation. Unfortunately the UK locator form mainly reflects the rules of England and it is not mutually consistent with the rules of the devolved administrations and the other jurisdictions of the British Isles. Furthermore, the info on UK government’s explanatory web pages is incomplete and misleading (though, the form and the info may have improved since when I went through it one month ago).

It was quite an experience, when I arrived at UK border control. My interpretation of the law was absolutely correct; but it took a while for three border officials to acknowledge it and let me through. That is why I couldn’t wait to brag about it with those who have the disposition to understand it. I also thought it could be useful information to those intending to return to this isle from outside the UK.

You don’t need to book the two Covid tests required for return to the UK nor to register an UK address for isolation. Be prepared to answer their questions and document your whole journey, or they could waste you a lot of time. Eventually, have the legislation at hand in your laptop; that is what worked out for me, and I wonder what would have happened otherwise. Ridiculous really the police officers asking me to show them the law. They have some internal guidance not available publicly and some of them might have read it accidentally.


8 hours ago, pongo said:

Are there any UK airports where you can still arrive from abroad (red, amber or green) and continue direct to departures without first exiting air-side and then going back through security?


8 hours ago, Nom de plume said:

Depends on baggage & whether checked through. I’ve done it through Manchester & Dublin (the later obviously not U.K.)


And to clear up your most recent argument; at this moment UK inbound flights from outside the British Isles (i.e., excluding Ireland) are mostly through Heathrow and from what I have seen there is no way you can from there embark on an IOM flight before being fully cleared by security, in regard to Covid and everything else. Luggage is absolutely irrelevant. The other airports are likely to have the same long-standing security arrangements because IOM is regarded as part of the common travel area.

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18 hours ago, Debbie said:

Can you mention a sole country where you can't go because of Brexit specifically?

The kind of "free movement" wanted (or condoned) by supporters of the European Union is the free movement of scroungers: those who, having never lived in any of the British isles, they turn out one day, and from day one they claim all the rights enjoyed by the British born or long time residents.

The free movement of those who pay their way hasn't been disallowed by Brexit.

Straight from the Daily Mail .


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