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IOM Covid removing restrictions


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20 minutes ago, The Voice of Reason said:

Yes let’s pretend someone at best can’t pronounce words properly, or at worst has a speech impediment and make fun of it.



its his intelligence impediment that is the issue, thick as thick thing from the thick shop.

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Some elements of Quayle are beyond his control. Principally his intellect. He cannot help being, essentially, a very limited performer in terms of raw intellectual ability. This underpins his dreadful (frankly unacceptable) performance in terms of verbal communication.

But there are many things he could control. Illustrations are: Stop his blustering, pompous, overbearing approach. Treat people, especially women, with respect. Respond to challenge with dignity and an open mind. But he does none of these things. Because he’s unfit for public office, let alone CM. But he didn’t appoint himself. That was the work of the slimy creatures in the LegCo of the day aided and abetted by some opaque procedural decision making by Rodan. 

So when you post about Quayle’s manifest failings - which are seemingly limitless - don’t forget who put him where he is. Shame on them, because they knew what they would get. They didn’t care what we got.

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1 minute ago, TerryFuchwit said:

That's life.

He doesn't get paid that much. Especially for the hassle and responsibility .

Far bigger salaries out there for a fraction of the work and responsibility. 

He will get an MBE probably. If he had any other go in him, he may have got an OBE. He won’t surpass Allan Bells CBE. 

As he’s a farmer and holiday cottages owner. I am sure he can navigate his way through a form to get funding. Unlike some who don’t get any help or assistance. 

And he has a Government rebuttal unit at his disposal, a department staffed 24/7 at taxpayers expense. I feel sorry for him....... not!

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2 minutes ago, Banker said:

Plus pension 

Plus all those official invites

Tynwald Banquet and Garden Parties ........... I’m sure they would do him a doggy bag!

I bet they treat him like royalty in the Government Offices canteen ............ red carpet treatment. 

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12 minutes ago, Pipsqueak said:

and that's without all the grants and hand outs his farming and holiday cottage empire brings in.

Irrelevant to his job.   If he gets anything there it'll happen regardless of his position.

You sound a tad jealous.

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17 hours ago, Filippo said:





Amadeus: I put all that information in my posting on top of pag. 2016 (the posting before this one); it is pretty detailed in regard to the underlying legal issues.

Of course the government helpline doesn't have a clue; they aren’t meant to be good for anything. What do you expect from government officials?

I did not ask anyone, because I don’t trust anyone by habit, the least those who are at the opposite ideological end of myself. I just went through the relevant UK legislation. The law is from last June; the requirement to have Covid tests introduced last January did NOT amend the June legislation. Unfortunately the UK locator form mainly reflects the rules of England and it is not mutually consistent with the rules of the devolved administrations and the other jurisdictions of the British Isles. Furthermore, the info on UK government’s explanatory web pages is incomplete and misleading (though, the form and the info may have improved since when I went through it one month ago).

It was quite an experience, when I arrived at UK border control. My interpretation of the law was absolutely correct; but it took a while for three border officials to acknowledge it and let me through. That is why I couldn’t wait to brag about it with those who have the disposition to understand it. I also thought it could be useful information to those intending to return to this isle from outside the UK.

You don’t need to book the two Covid tests required for return to the UK nor to register an UK address for isolation. Be prepared to answer their questions and document your whole journey, or they could waste you a lot of time. Eventually, have the legislation at hand in your laptop; that is what worked out for me, and I wonder what would have happened otherwise. Ridiculous really the police officers asking me to show them the law. They have some internal guidance not available publicly and some of them might have read it accidentally.




And to clear up your most recent argument; at this moment UK inbound flights from outside the British Isles (i.e., excluding Ireland) are mostly through Heathrow and from what I have seen there is no way you can from there embark on an IOM flight before being fully cleared by security, in regard to Covid and everything else. Luggage is absolutely irrelevant. The other airports are likely to have the same long-standing security arrangements because IOM is regarded as part of the common travel area.

Thanks, just read through that and your previous post. Puts me off travelling really. Have to look at this very closely to get that trip done. 

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2 hours ago, trmpton said:

I think the bloke is an absolute bafoon.

But, I have to say I don’t nt think he is being paid enough for the responsibilities he has.

Oh, he's definitely a [Bafoon] but politicians are always underpaid compared to the private sector equivalents lest they be accused of only being in it for the money? (1), So rightly so? Who on earth would accuse any candidate of that?

On the face of it, he's an OK guy, would you invite him to dinner? Hmmmm, perhaps not.

He is obviously NOT a public speaker but then who is? Is this a requirement for public office?

It is obvious that he trips up on his CS written speeches because they are not his words or mode of speech. He is much better, tho condescending, when he speaks 'off the cuff' but 'condescension' seems to be a requirement of Comin. ( DA to Claire C in the Keys this AM?). Surprised no one has chosen, '' as I said at a previous briefing '' for their bingo card!

Should he be CM? Probably not but we will find out after September! (2).

(1), RM style. Brown envelopes aside, the current re-employment of politicians and CS AFTER their tenure fiasco in the UK parliament illustrates just how it can be done without a brown envelope ever changing hands???

(2). When Il Duce Cannone takes over?

Treat his fumbling pronunciation with fun, not vehemence? Unless he's going to embarrass us in an English speaking Country!!!

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