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IOM Covid removing restrictions


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10 minutes ago, wrighty said:


If about 80% of the population are vaccinated, but 6/12 admissions to hospital are vaxxed, are they unlucky, or is it just a fact of conditional probability?

Get out!!!!  Got to spread the fear and throw rational thinking out of the window.

What on earth are you doing you well educated and respected medical professional and statistician you!!

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1 minute ago, kevster said:

Most of them also moonlight as civil engineers

It is perfectly possible to see the blatantly obvious in something without having spent four years at university drinking while it was something you were supposed to be studying.

COVID is over and the prom isn’t.  Go figure.

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3 hours ago, SleepyJoe said:

Looks to me like the vaccine is preventing a lot of vaccinated people from getting the virus, & the numbers vaccinated & confirmed with the virus is very, very small

What it doesn't show is the numbers double vaccinated either dying or suffering long term disabilities as a consequence of being infected with the virus

What it shows is the idea of a vaxpass or 2+2, is pretty flawed.

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7 minutes ago, AlanShimmin said:

Things reportedly about to get very interesting at Noble. High numbers of people plus covid. 

This would not surprise me. When everyone gets ill at once it stands to reason that hospitalisations will all come in at once. This is what many a&e departments in England are now finding.

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1 minute ago, AlanShimmin said:

Sorry I'm not going to name the person and I say reportedly because it's obviously not from Government or the Government's Propaganda Mouthpiece. 

But I trust them as they've been spot on before. 

Reportedly or allegedly?

Interesting or worrying?

Interesting could be all sorts of things.

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