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IOM Covid removing restrictions


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26 minutes ago, offshoremanxman said:

Suggesting that the UKs poor covid response is some sort of ploy to sell the NHS is literally a conspiracy theory. Given some of the disdain the poster seems to have for other peoples opinions on pandemic issues then it’s worthy of pointing out that suggesting the UK government has allowed over 140,000 people to die and shut down half of the UK just to soften up a sale is laughable to be honest. 

I never said it was a ploy, it's simply a convenient excuse in retrospect. There is precedent for things being handled badly, and the Government are currently under investigation for how they've awarded various contracts over the pandemic.

What I fear is that we will see that the struggles the NHS faced used as a basis for changes that won't necessarily have patient care as the primary aim.

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1 hour ago, Blackajah said:

Mostly people who want to WFH / have a quiet retirement at everyone else's expense.  Perhaps they can all club together (one or more of them are in receipt of at least one generous pension) and buy an outer Hebridean island.    They can all move there and pull up the drawbridge.     

Those who can effectively work from home still have the option to. Many companies have seen that bums on seats is not the only way to measure or ensure productivity.

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9 minutes ago, AcousticallyChallenged said:

It gets particularly bonkers with the claims that the test kits are being used to spread COVID, and that the vaccine is what's killing people.

As I said, they used a bit of unnecessary poetic licence but strip that away and there are some pertinent facts in there.

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1 minute ago, Danoo said:

As I said, they used a bit of unnecessary poetic licence but strip that away and there are some pertinent facts in there.

To me it seems like basically the usual anti-vax / conspiracy nonsense.

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Is it just co-incidence that the booster jabs started to be given just after the Island was opened to people from elsewhere, and schools were re-opened? Could it not be that the increase in death statistics was due more to the toxicity of English visitors?

The author does not seem to mention that although people were being banged up for taking liberties with other people's health as well as their own, the residents of the Island have had a lot of far greater freedoms than people elsewhere. Those freedoms are ignored.

"this would never be tolerated in England but the obvious joys of not having to wear masks; being able to visit sick relatives; being able to attend their funerals when dear ones die; embracing the luxury of being confined to the Islandbeing able to go to a sporting event; being able to join one’s irksome “friends” for a pint"....

The old quote of “70,000 people clinging to a rock” starts the article off well by showing the ignorance of the writer - it is “70,000 alcoholics clinging to a rock”. 

I'm haaaappy here. :w00t:

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